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* CutSong: Two Music/IrvingBerlin songs-"Moonlight Maneuvers" and "There's a Smile on My Face"-were discarded from the score before filming. An early draft of the screenplay indicated that "Moonlight Maneuvers" was to be a production number for Rogers and the chorus during the final show-within-the-film. "There's a Smile on My Face" also was dropped as a song for Connie after "Get Thee Behind Me, Satan" was moved from ''Film/TopHat''.
* EditedForSyndication: When the film was released to commercial TV in the 1950s, because of its length, musical numbers, most frequently Harriet Nelson's two songs, were cut to make more room for commercials. This was a common fate that often befell musical productions deemed too long to fit pre-determined shorter time slots, the amount of mutilation depending on the local editors of the station scheduling it.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The role of Connie Martin was originally planned for Creator/IreneDunne, but she was unavailable.

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