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History Trivia / CeeLoGreen

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* HeAlsoDid: Sang backup on Music/{{TLC}}'s landmark hit "Waterfalls."

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* OneHitWonder: An interesting example. In America, "Crazy" was his only mainstream hit with Gnarls Barkley, and "Fuck/Forget You!" has been his only mainstream hit by himself (not counting his guest appearance on Trick Daddy's "Sugar (Gimme Some)" or "Cell Therapy", his hit with Goodie Mob), but during his heyday, he usually ended up in the Music/{{Radiohead}}[=/=]Music/FaithNoMore category of musicians who have technically only had one or two hits but are rarely referred to as one-hit wonders because of how [[CultClassic cultishly loved]] and critically acclaimed the rest of their work is. In addition, most Cee Lo Green and Gnarls Barkley ''albums'' were hits [[HitlessHitAlbum even if their singles failed to make it big]].
* ScullyBox: Inverted with the 5' 5" Cee Lo, who usually wears clothes a few sizes too big to exaggerate his small stature and ends up being dwarfed by the ''women'' in his backing group.

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