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History Trivia / BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E8Pangs

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* WhatCouldHaveBeen: In an early draft of the script, Spike was invited into Giles's apartment by Buffy. However the scene didn't make it to air and the invitation occurs between acts. This was a year before it was established in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E2RealMe Real Me]]" that only an actual resident could invite a vampire into a domicile.

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* CompletelyDifferentTitle:
** Armenian: "Տանջանքներ" (Tortures)
** French: "L'Esprit vengeur" (The Avenging Spirit)
** Portuguese (Brazil): "Agonia" (Agony)
** Finnish: "Lemmentuskia" (Pangs of Love)
** German: "Der Geist der Qumash" (The Ghost of the Chumash)
** Hungarian: "Kínok" (Agony)
** Polish: "Wyrzuty sumienia" (Pangs of Conscience)
** Russian: "Страдания" (Suffering)
** Romanian: "Junghi" (Pang)
** Spanish (Latin America): "Remordimientos" (Regrets)
** Spanish (Spain): "Angustia" (Angst)
* DeletedScene: This exchange was cut due to length:
-->'''Xander''': "I didn't mean you're an EX-vengeance demon. It's totally different."
-->'''Anya''': "Sure. It's okay."

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