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* ActingForTwo:
** Maurice LaMarche voices Archambault and the owner of the restaurant that praises Shaggy
** Hynden Walch voices Lena and Joan
** Jess Harnell voices the jewelry store guard and the human Scooby in Shaggy's dream
** Jim Meskimen voices Phil Flaxman and the detective
** Jeff Dunham voices Schmatko and the train conductor
** Carlos Ferro voices Oliverio and Sisko
* CastingGag: This is not the first time Maurice LaMarche voices someone involved with [[WesternAnimation/TheBatman the circus]] .
* FakeNationality: We have Greg Ellis (British-American) , Hynden Walch (American), and Maurice LaMarche (Canadian- American) voicing Romanian characters Marius Brancusi, Lena, and Archambault.

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