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* HostilityOnTheSet: In May 2016, John Carney told the Independent, that while he considered Creator/MarkRuffalo a great actor, and Creator/AdamLevine a joy, with whom to work, he didn't like Creator/KeiraKnightley's performance in this film under his direction. Carney said "It's not like I hate the Hollywood thing, but I like to work with curious, proper film actors, as opposed to movie stars", and "I learned that I'll never make a film with supermodels again." He later apologized and recanted his statement.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Creator/ScarlettJohansson was cast in the lead role of Gretta in early stages of production, but dropped out.
** Director John Carney told Variety in an interview, that he considered casting a pop singer as Gretta James, including Music/{{Adele}} and [[Music/FlorenceAndTheMachine Florence Welch]].
* WorkingTitle: The original working title of the film was "Can a Song Save Your Life?".

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