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* FlipFlopOfGod: Jury's still out on exactly what Keats is. According to Matthew Graham, he's [[spoiler: either {{Satan}} himself or the Antichrist]], but Ashley Pharaoh apparently [[spoiler: didn't write him either way, just leaving it with "evil".]]
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: After the finale aired, Matthew Graham [[ gave an interview]] (and you can consider yourself warned for massive spoilers) where he talked about the three possible endings the writers had considered, and one alternate version to the third they almost shot before going with the version they chose:
** Ending #1: [[spoiler: Alex woke up in 2008, the world of 1981-1983 was all a dream. Discarded because "we didn't think anyone would want that because we didn't want that with Sam".]]
** Ending #2: [[spoiler: Alex woke up, but chose to "go back" by killing herself, which would have been a repeat of how ''Series/{{Life On Mars|2006}}'' ended]].
** Ending #3: [[spoiler: Alex is dead and has to move on with her existence,]] which is the one they chose. There was almost a [[spoiler: cameo from Creator/JohnSimm, reprising his role as Sam Tyler, which they storyboarded and apparently everyone liked. Sam would have walked out of the Railway Arms at the end, instead of Nelson, and the ending was ultimately discarded because "it would steal all of Keeley's thunder, it would undermine Ashes as a show and also Sam's supposed to be dead, so he should be in heaven. It suddenly made him seem like a superhero he could go from purgatory to heaven and back again."]]

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