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* DuelingWorks: With ''VideoGame/{{Europe 1200}}''. Both are ''[[VideoGame/MountAndBlade Mount & Blade: Warband]]'' mods set during TheHighMiddleAges, but there's key differences between them, beside a different starting date. First, ''Europe 1200'' has been left unfinished (empty areas where Byzantine Empire and Holy Land should be) while ''Anno Domini 1257'' features factions and settlements in those areas as well. Second, ''Europe 1200'' more or less plays like ''Mount & Blade: Warband'' on an much larger map with a historical medieval reskin, while ''Anno Domini 1257'' features new mechanics like a new recruitment system based on actual medieval ones, reworked settlement management, permadeath for lords and kings, or allows to start as a lord (or even as a king) right at character creation.
* ReferencedBy: ''Machinima/ThisNotchedAndRustedBlade'' is a machinima made with ''Anno Domini 1257''.

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