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[[AC: Introduction Arc]]

[[AC: Black Trigger Retrieval Arc]]

[[AC: Border Enlistment Arc]]

[[AC: Large-Scale Invasion Arc]]
* Replica telling Osamu to look after Yuma when he makes his [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice]].
-->'''Replica:''' [[spoiler: ...Osamu. This is goodbye. Take care of Yuma.]]
** After waking up, Osamu cries at the thought that it was his fault Replica is gone, but Yuma says he was the one who sent Replica to protect Osamu and Chika.
* Shortly after her brother Rinji disappeared, Chika cries blaming herself for it. Osamu says it's the first time he saw her cry.

[[AC: B-Rank Rank Battles Arc]]
* Tachikawa says that, while he likes battles with passion, saying passion decides a battle is the same as saying the loser didn't want to win enough. All of this is said while we see Kumagai crying in the operation room after being defeated by Murakami.
* Shortly after the rank 7 battle, Hyuse asks Chika if she indeed cannot shoot. Chika ends up revealing rather than being afraid of shooting, she's afraid people will hate her for using her abilities.

[[AC: Fugitive Arc]]

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