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* Upon finding the tiny, glowing Crystal Key, Franchise/{{Superman}} cannot help to ponder:
-->'''Superman:''' All that pain... all that anguish... for this? It would be funny - if it weren't so sad!
* Mongul tries to force Superman to hand over the key by threatening with crushing his friends... and Superman tells he cannot let him have it, even if he loses them.
* During his trial, Superman watches his father trying uselessly to reason with the Krypton's Science Council before launching his son off the planet. Then his parents embrace each other while they wait for the end.
* When Superman sees a vision of Death about to claim Pa's soul, he cries out:
-->'''Superman:''' Why must the Grim Reaper haunt me wherever I go?
* And then he fails at saving his second father again:
-->'''Death:''' Stand aside, child! I come not for you -- but for Jonathan Kent!\\
'''Superman:''' Well, you can't have him! I lost Pa to you once, Reaper, and once is more than -- Eh? He's not solid -- not there!\\
'''Death:''' Death is everywhere, child!\\
'''Superman:''' Pa!\\
'''Death:''' You would do well to remember that!\\
'''Superman:''' '''PA!!'''
* He is also incredibly frightened of losing Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}


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