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History TearJerker / MissSherlock

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* The ''entire'' confrontation on the rooftop of the Reichenbach building in "The Dock".
** [[spoiler: Wato's]] panicked whimpering as she tries to [[spoiler:fight whatever it was Irikawa did to her.]]
** [[spoiler:"Wato.]] You'll be free now." [[spoiler: The moment just before Sherlock plummets off the building.]]
** Reimon having to hold her back as Wato screams in utter anguish and horror.
* The motive of the killer in "The First Case" is to [[spoiler: avenge the death of her daughter, a senseless killing that she had been ForcedToWatch. Her]] breakdown at the summation isn't easy to watch.
* Sherlock, normally unflappable, having a sobbing meltdown after [[spoiler:being forced to kill Moriya.]]

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