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* "Tears in Heaven". Oh, goodness, [[GriefSong "Tears in Heaven"]]. The story behind his four-year-old son Conor's death is just heartbreaking. If this doesn't make the listener's eyes mist over, chances are good they don't have a soul.
* "Bell Bottom Blues, you made me cry..." is an apt description of the effect the titular song can have.
* "Wonderful Tonight" from ''24 Nights'', his Royal Albert Hall performance and two-disc set. It's slower-paced and a lot gloomier--if the original one is the main couples' dance at ''your'' wedding, then this one is you watching the new couple have their first dance, while feeling that you must examine your own life a bit harder if you're ever to have that shining moment.
* [[LyricalDissonance "My Father's Eyes"]] deals with Clapton's experiences growing up without knowing his father. In the first verse, he expresses a sense of lacking direction ("Just a toe-rag on the run/How did I get here?/What have I done?"). In the second, he describes the [[HopeSpot joy of raising his son]], but also doubts his worth as a parent ("Where do I find the words to say?/How do I teach him? What do we play?"). In the final verse, disaster has struck and his son is dead, and he [[BookEnds realizes that he had his father's eyes]]. ("As my soul slides down to die/How could I lose him?/What did I try?/Bit by bit, I've realized/That he was here with me/I looked into my father's eyes").

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