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* [[DyingAsYourself I would]] [[MercyKill move the]] [[HeroicSacrifice heavens]] [[ColonyDrop themselves]].[[labelnote:Context]][[spoiler:Ichorous's last thoughts upon dropping a star on himself and Radiant Dawn to save her from TheCorruption that had taken him]], and a CallBack to his decision that he truly loved her.[[/labelnote]]
* Webber telling Twilight to take Errant with her to face a PowderKegCrowd. It's going to make a successful outcome more likely, but it's clear he's [[AdultFear terrified of what might happen]] if things go wrong.
* It's clear that, despite the story's deliberate focus on the positive, ponies and changelings died from hatred, fear and misunderstanding, something that grieves all three InUniverse authors.

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