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Music/{{Apocalyptica}} can do some [[TearJerker very emotional songs]].
* "Rage of Poseidon" can only be described as the musical equivalent of a SanitySlippage.
* [[ "Fisheye"]] is the exact same thing, but shorter, heavier and even worse, as the song is heavy yet melodic for 90% of it, then we get some 30 seconds of what can be described as the apparent "breaking point". It's absolutely ''heartbreaking'' and [[NightmareFuel scary]].
* "I'm Not Jesus" is sung from the perspective of a man who was molested by his priest as a child and is now confronting said priest. The sheer rage and pain in Corey Taylor's voice, especially when he sings the lines 'I'm not Jesus/Jesus wasn't there', are surprisingly moving.
* The narrator of "Not Strong Enough" suffers from what his partner does to him but can't leave because he's too kindhearted or too dependant. It can be especially hard on those who have been in abusive relationships.

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