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* The "Christmas in Chicago" story wherein Alice's mother wants to spend Christmas with her and Joan... but gets stuck. This is following another failed visit where Alice wound up going to Tokyo. Doesn't anyone want to just ''hug'' Alice?!
* [[spoiler: Miranda's death]].
* The scene in the Dragonslayer universe where Cire, the EvilTwin of Alice's dad Eric, (even though in this world he is not related to her), realises he simply cannot kill Alice. Even though her death would return his true love to life. Alice recognises this, and that he isn't as evil as he'd like to be, and there is a moment of empathy between them.
* ''No-One Knows I'm Gone'' is sung from the point of a murder victim DyingAlone. Even better, since it references Cemetary John, they may very well be the Lindburg Baby.

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