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* Kano in ''Manga/{{Texhnolyze}}'' is effeminate and physically unimpressive, as well as a schizophrenic soplisist [[IncestIsRelative produced from generations of selective inbreeding]].


* Kano in ''Manga/{{Texhnolyze}}'' ''Anime/{{Texhnolyze}}'' is effeminate and physically unimpressive, as well as a schizophrenic soplisist [[IncestIsRelative produced from generations of selective inbreeding]].

* ''Anime/TweenyWitches'': [[spoiler:Lennon starts out as a ruthless {{Pirate}} with the philosophy of TheSocialDarwinist, though he admits to having no other choice. He's also a slight, androgynous boy in a witch's dress, complete with a soft voice and {{Guyliner}} under the eyes. He refers to himself as female in his introduction, fooling even the audience until "Lennon's True Identity". Even after Eva cures him of the illness caused by his years on the Interdimensional Sea, Arusu calls him out on his easy tiredness as unmanly near the end of their journey to Wizard Kingdom.]]

* BigBad [[spoiler: Hakka]] in ''Manga/ZombieLoan'' will shamelessly hit on anything with a Y chromosome, gropes a male character's ass at one point, and even refers to himself as [[spoiler:Michiru (aka the Singularity)]]'s mother.


* The BigBad [[spoiler: Hakka]] [[spoiler:Hakka]] in ''Manga/ZombieLoan'' will shamelessly hit on anything with a Y chromosome, gropes a male character's ass at one point, and even refers to himself as [[spoiler:Michiru (aka the Singularity)]]'s mother.

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*** Ironically enough, Mr. 3 might be a straighter (no pun intended) example. Where Mr. 2 is a LargeAndInCharge BadassGay who demonstrated VillainousValor [[spoiler:even ''before'' he started helping the Strawhats outright]], Mr. 3 is a scrawny SmugSnake who constantly preens over his own intellect, disdains "physical" crime, speaks in a ridiculously high-pitched, whiny tone, and proves to be a DirtyCoward who folds in one hit when his plans fall apart. Oh, and his main form of combat involves [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything shooting globs of white fluid]][[note]]It's candle wax.[[/note]] at people.

** Further back than that, there is General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army. A ruthless, homicidal goose-stepper who is irked with having to dive into grimy-looking water, is disgusted by Bulma's advances on him and [[EekAMouse freaks out when he sees a rat passing by]][[spoiler:, which ends up saving Goku and his friends' lives as this freakout causes him to lose focus of his paralysis technique and release Goku from it]].


** Further back than that, there is [[CampGay General Blue Blue]] of the Red Ribbon Army. A ruthless, homicidal goose-stepper who is irked with having to dive into grimy-looking water, is disgusted by Bulma's advances on him and [[EekAMouse freaks out when he sees a rat passing by]][[spoiler:, which ends up saving Goku and his friends' lives as this freakout causes him to lose focus of his paralysis technique and release Goku from it]].

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* Both Arthur and Shalott of ''Manga/AirGear''. Arthur is a masochist who pelvic thrusts against his male opponent Agito and nibbles on his ear while fighting him. He also has flamboyant mannerisms, speaks in a polite manner, and frequently releases heart marks whenever he's reveling in the feeling of pain. Shalott is a loli who wears a frilly looking dress and [[UnsettlingGenderReveal drops a bridget]] on Agito, revealing that he's actually a girly-looking guy who is in a BDSM type relationship with Arthur. The end of chapter 279 has him pin Agito to the ground and straddle him, saying after he tortures him then Agito can "lick it" if he wants.
* Rosiel from ''Manga/AngelSanctuary'' is an angel with full, luscious lips and long eyelashes. He often dresses effeminately and loves to be called "beautiful" more than anything else. He is also in a questionable relationship with his loyal right-hand man, Katan.
* Arron and Gurran Schmittel from ''Anime/ArmoredTrooperVotoms'' are generally characterized as cold and narcissistic, but have effeminate speech patterns, soft voices, flamboyant mannerisms and body language, and dress in split-skirt tunics (as opposed to the unitard fashion most men are seen wearing). But the two are also notoriously incompetent, can't really fight, and their haughtiness brings about their downfall.
* Griffith from ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' is an androgynous CulturedBadass, whose relationship with series lead Guts is quite ambiguous indeed, and who [[FaceHeelTurn goes really bad]] when he hits the DespairEventHorizon and the Eclipse goes down, his demon form as Femto being a [[WebVideo/BerserkAbridged winged lipstick monster]] with hawk-talons for feet.
* Creed from ''Manga/BlackCat''. Good god, this trope ''is'' Creed (coupled with him being AmbiguouslyGay). He has the flamboyant mannerisms, gives HannibalLecture speeches (mostly to Train, whom he wants to [[WeCanRuleTogether rule the world with]]), Is WickedCultured in contrast to [[MenAreUncultured Train]], has the most [[FashionVictimVillain laughable fashion sense of all the men in the series]], and is a white haired {{Bishonen}}. Granted, [[TheProtagonist Train]] is actually shown to be more petite and have a smaller body build than his, but that is attributed as Train being more boy-ish.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** [[MadScientist Szayel Aporro Granz]]. He has [[DudeLooksLikeALady effeminate looks]], [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair shoulder-length pink hair]], is extremely flamboyant, and tends to make lewd, disturbing comments about his opponents. He also thinks of himself as an actor, especially when toying with/torturing his victims. During his first fight with Renji and Ishida, his clothes get damaged, leaving him shirtless - he stops the fight to go change clothes, saying that he'd be "too embarrassed" to continue fighting in such a state. Szayel's release involves him sword-swallowing his zanpakto, at which point he [[BalloonBelly bloats up to massive proportions]]. His released state looks like he's wearing a dress made of tentacles.
** Luppi as well. With his [[DudeLooksLikeALady girlish looks]] and sleeves that cover his hands. He's CampStraight in that while he's flamboyant he still flirts with Rangiku right before trying to kill her.
** Charlotte Cuulhorne, who has flowing purple hair and whose outfit resembles a tutu.
** ''[[BigBad Aizen]]'' of all people has gone this route. If his [[FanNickname Gagafication]] and insta-mullet weren't already goofy enough, his OneWingedAngel form seems to be a [[WingedHumanoid six-winged]] ''[[ButterflyOfDeathAndRebirth butterfly]]''. [[FashionVictimVillain In a dress]].
** FillerVillain Muramasa to an extent.
* Koushaku Chouno, better known as Papillon Mask, from ''Manga/BusouRenkin'' arguably fits this trope, though [[HoYay his sexuality is debatable]]. Still, he dresses in a flamboyant outfit including Speedos and a distinctive butterfly mask, and he certainly has a lot of FoeYay with Kazuki. [[spoiler:And then there's the mankini...]]
* ''Manga/DragonBall'':
** Frieza. A petite, painstakingly polite alien with a color scheme of pink, purple, and white who happens to be a {{sadist}}ic, {{sociopath}}ic GalacticConqueror. He is voiced by a woman with [[EvilSoundsRaspy a raspy old lady voice]] in the English dub[[note]]Specifically the Creator/{{Funimation}} and [[Creator/TheOceanGroup Ocean]] dubs with Creator/LindaYoung and Pauline Newstone respectively[[/note]] and complains about not wanting to break his nails during his fight with Goku. However, in the original Japanese [[VocalDissonance he has a]] [[EvilSoundsDeep deep voice]] and a masculine way of speaking. Frieza's newest VA, Creator/ChrisAyres, has a raspy, high-pitched though still noticeably masculine voice similar to the voice Creator/LittleKuriboh gives him.
** Zarbon until he changes into his [[PowerUpgradingDeformation final form]]. Particularly in the redub with his voice, which sounds like a cross between King Cold and Caroni.
** The ''Creator/TeamFourStar'' [[TheAbridgedSeries abridged series]] averts the Sissy Villain trope for Frieza. Zarbon, on the other hand, has his campness played up to the point where he speaks almost entirely in {{double entendre}}s [[spoiler: - but it was subverted in episode 17 when it was revealed that he is in fact [[CampStraight straight]], and is shocked to find out that everyone around him thinks he's gay]].
** Further back than that, there is General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army. A ruthless, homicidal goose-stepper who is irked with having to dive into grimy-looking water, is disgusted by Bulma's advances on him and [[EekAMouse freaks out when he sees a rat passing by]][[spoiler:, which ends up saving Goku and his friends' lives as this freakout causes him to lose focus of his paralysis technique and release Goku from it]].
* Kazkis Proxy of ''Anime/ErgoProxy'' is a {{Bishonen}} angelic-looking guy who likes to drink wine and initially comes across as a little too friendly to the hero, Vincent.
* Hiromi Kisiragi of ''Manga/{{Eyeshield 21}}'' is cornerback for the [[OpposingSportsTeam Hakushuu Dinosaurs]], CoDragons to ManipulativeBastard Marco alongside [[TheJuggernaut Gaou]], and an incredibly [[UnnecessaryRoughness cruel player]] who tries his best to dislocate the arms of receivers. He's also a mincing pretty-boy with a massive mancrush on Gaou and the belief that [[TheFightingNarcissist strength is a true indicator of beauty]]. It's actually justified in his case and played sympathetically--sick of being bullied due to his effeminate nature and looks he joined the football team to get a life and was turned into the PsychoSupporter he is today by Marco.
* Yuda from ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar''. While his large harem seems to imply he's straight, he's nonetheless obsessed with his own physical perfection, to the point of being worried about scars in battle. This makes him look even more cowardly and twisted. In one of the most "manly" anime series, the master of [[FantasticFightingStyle Red Crane Nanto]] is obviously depicted as everything a proud warrior should not be. Moreover he weirdly shows his "admiration" for Rei and uses a very heavy make-up,but he's still a fighter, so he's quite muscular, as anyone there besides casual oppressed peasants/children.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'': [[SevenDeadlySins Envy]] has an extremely androgynous appearance, coupled with an [[CreepyCrossdresser effeminate outfit]] and whiny voice. However, he is a ruthless, murderous nutcase who goes out of his way to cause as much suffering as he can.
** Envy is something of an unusual case, as ''they'' technically don't have a gender, with the ([[VoluntaryShapeshifting default]]) form they choose to take being somewhere between female and male. It should, however, be worth noting that most characters through the series refer to Envy using male pronouns, though this is because in the English language, "He" is the gender-neutral pronoun someone is supposed to say when the gender is unknown.
** This is only the case in the manga and Brotherhood anime. In the 2003 anime, Envy is definitely male [[spoiler:and Ed's older brother]].
* Somewhat frequent for various ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' villains:
** M'Quve of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' is a male RichBitch who speaks with a snooty accent, wears an ascot, has incredibly swishy wrists, minces when he walks, and generally effects the mannerisms of an eighteenth-century aristocrat. He's also a cold-blooded strategist, and [[UndyingLoyalty utterly loyal]] to his [[LadyAndKnight lady]], [[EvilGenius Kycilia]] [[LadyOfWar Zabi]].
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamThe08thMSTeam'': Ginias Sahalin fits this trope to a T. Ascots? Check. Fruity wardrobe in general? Check. Sexual ambiguity? Check (he's one of the series' only characters who doesn't have at least implied heterosexual preferences). [[Creator/ShowHayami A seiyuu known for voicing numerous well-known BL characters]]? Check.
** Angelo Sauper of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn'' is a full-on CampGay with a purple mobile suit and a [[{{Jerkass}} mean streak]] [[DepravedHomosexual at least a full colony wide]], but this doesn't stop him from being [[BigBad his beloved boss']] [[TheDragon right hand]] and [[VillainousValour one of the best]] [[BadassGay pilots in the series]].
** Most of the Innovators of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'' combine this with AmbiguousGender and FashionVictimVillain.
* ''Manga/HunterXHunter'':
** Neferpitou, a (maybe) male cat-humanoid chimera ant with a very feminine appearance and mannerisms.
** Also, [[MonsterClown Hisoka]] to an extent.
* ''Manga/InuYasha'':
** Jakotsu the second in command of the Band of Seven is extremely effeminate, looks, talks, acts, and dresses like a woman, is obsessed with fashion, hates women, and is very openly gay, but he is also a dangerous psychopath with a [[WhipSword very cool sword]]. Jakotsu was originally going to be a woman, but the author changed it because she disliked the idea of [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman human woman]] [[WouldntHitAGirl getting killed by the main heroes]].
** The one shot villain Suzaku was also quite effeminate and flamboyant and he openly flirted with Miroku and Hojo's ancestor.
** The infamous gay moth demons. The sheer amount of innuendo was staggering.
** The main villain of the first movie is this until he turns into his OneWingedAngel form.
** Naraku doesn't only posses the human form of a long haired, fair skinned Bishonen. Miroku's grandfather tells us that Naraku often took the form of a beautiful woman to trick him. Moreover, Naraku shape shifted himself into Kikyo to distract [=InuYasha=].
* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'': Dio Brando has shades of this despite being a rather muscular man who [[BerserkButton becomes a ruthless, shrieking killer whenever Joestars are involved]]. He's described as charming and soft-spoken by characters in the story and is often shown wearing dark lipstick. Not to mention the fact that he was [[BiTheWay heavily implied]] to have been romantically involved with Enrico Pucci.
* ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'':
** Lussuria is blatantly ManlyGay, has a lot of colorful feathers on his outfit, in the anime his voice is very feminine sounding, and he's also rather flamboyant with his mannerisms. During his fight with Ryohei he also goes into fanboy mode once Ryohei takes off his shirt and he decides he wants to [[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe take Ryohei home with him]] and make him a part of his 'collection'.
** Mukuro was this before his ambiguous HeelFaceTurn. The guy picked Kokuyou Junior High because of ''how stylish the uniforms were''. His sexuality is quite ambiguous as well, considering how much FoeYay he has with Hibari and Tsuna in particular. His plans of taking over Tsuna's body so he could get revenge on the mafia also carried some questionable subtext, what with all his talk of "wanting Tsuna's body", telling Tsuna to "give me your body", and that "with my technique you will soon be mine."
** Byakuran seems to have traces of this. He wears a bondage outfit in chapter 274 and the following chapters, with zippers all the way up his legs, and gains sparkling wings.
** There's also Kikyo with his DudeLooksLikeALady appearance, long blue hair, tendency to walk around with his shirt open, and what appears to be blue eye shadow.
* Gender inverted with Nui Harime from ''Anime/KillLaKill''. She's one of [[BigBad Ragyo's]] CoDragons, as well as a {{giggling|villain}} GirlyBruiser with her [[HairDecorations bow]], earrings, [[KickingAssInAllHerFinery frilly]] MinidressOfPower, forearm pads, boots, and ParasolOfPain all in {{pink|MeansFeminine}} and white.
* Escargon from ''Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa''. His HoYay with Dedede is a running gag.
* Jaibo and to some extent Raizou from ''Manga/LitchiHikariClub''. Both are overtly gay with girlish looks and clearly crazy but Jaibo takes it to a whole new level of sadism. [[spoiler: From disemboweling teachers to planning to kill virtually everyone so that Zera will be his forever there is nothing Jaibo will not do.]]
* The ''Franchise/LupinIII'' series has had at least three of them, so far:
** ''[[Anime/LupinIIITheSecretOfTwilightGemini The Secret of Twilight Gemini]]'' has [[EffeminateMisogynisticGuy Sadachiyo]] [[RedBaron "The Scorpion"]], who's a CampGay assassin with long black hair, lipstick, and nail polish. Lupin even referred to him as [[LampshadeHanging "that sissy assassin"]], given Sadachiyo's manner of speech and the fact that he often refers to others as: "honey", "darling", and "big boy".
** ''[[Anime/LupinIIIThePursuitOfHarimaosTreasure The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure]]'': [[PunnyName Herr Maffrodite]] is essentially [[CreepyCrossdresser a crossdressing Nazi]], who's actually gay ''and'' [[EffeminateMisogynisticGuy hates women.]] Fujiko weaponizes this near the end, when she revenge kisses him[[note]]for double-crossing her, after ''[[{{hypocrite}} she]]'' [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder had double-crossed Lupin]] to side with Herr Maffrodite[[/note]] on the lips, causing him to literally [[VillainousBreakdown run away screaming that he'd been dirtied.]]
** [[EffeminateMisogynisticGuy Oscar]] from ''Anime/LupinIIITheWomanCalledFujikoMine'' is less of an outright villain and more of a side character who made a FaceHeelTurn because LoveMakesYouEvil, but he's still an incredibly fruity antagonist of the second half of the show, defined by his obsession with [[SingleTargetSexuality his beloved Inspector Zenigata]] and the jealousy towards Fujiko.
* Prince Eccentro from ''Anime/MonColleKnights'' fits the trope perfectly. His Japanese counterpart, Count Collection, actually is gay.
* Johan Liebert, the titular ''Anime/{{Monster}}''. [[spoiler:He crossdresses, but it's because he sees himself and the sister he's dressing as as essentially the same person, with no definition between them. And he's too damaged and empty to even qualify as {{asexual|ity}} in the healthy orientation sense, let alone gay.]]
* Yuki Michio, the BigBad from Creator/OsamuTezuka's classic thriller ''Manga/{{MW}}''. Not only was he a crossdresser, he was also openly bisexual.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** Orochimaru first appears disguised as a woman, [[BodySurf at one point used another woman's body as a vessel]], and in his least freaky times speaks with a feminine speech pattern. And this is before you factor in [[MemeticMolester his obsession with young Uchiha men]] and the giant purple [[FanNickname butt bow]]. However, he is a very formidable opponent who, despite being killed twice, is still around in one form or another.
** His teenage henchman Sakon, the default leader of the Sound Four, wanders somewhere between this and RealMenWearPink. He does indeed wear pink, sports pretty jewelery and goth makeup, and from the looks of it pays more attention to his hair than his squadmates (admittedly, not hard). He's also a vicious, strutting, trash-talking sadist who can and will demolish solid rock with a single punch.
* ''Franchise/OnePiece'':
** Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, although he partially reforms by the end of the Alabasta arc. [[spoiler:He's even become a close ally of Luffy, even making (another) HeroicSacrifice.]]
** A better example is Donquixote Doflamingo. Visually, he's based off many of the pro wrestling examples below, and makes suggestive comments to his opponents during the Marineford battle. Nonetheless, he is one of the most terrifying characters on the show, and until recently had the highest revealed bounty.
** One of Donflamingo's subordinates, Dellinger, also qualifies. He's a young man who wears hoop earrings, high heels, and booty shorts; he also hits like a truck and has an explosive temper with sadistic tendencies to match.
** An even better example is Helmeppo, Captain Morgan's son. He's also a JerkAss of the highest caliber. Until he [[HeelFaceTurn lost the villain aspect]] and TookALevelInBadass, anyway. Now he's just highly fashionable and only kinda rude.
* Suzu from the ''Manga/PeacemakerKurogane'' manga becomes this, after going [[AxCrazy mad]]. He starts wearing nail polish and makeup, has the best fashion sense of all the characters, has flamboyant mannerisms and prissiness, [[GigglingVillain giggles creepily]], and has an extremely [[{{Bishonen}} effeminate appearance]]. Oh, and he has a great fondness for [[RightHandCat exotic cats]] and an obsession towards Tetsunosuke.
* Harley from the ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' anime embodies this trope to the fullest. He's one of the most cold-hearted rival characters in the show and he [[KickTheDog treats May like crap]], but he always looks fabulous doing it. He's "Everyone's favorite naughty coordinator."
* ''Anime/SailorMoon'':
** Zoicite. The Creator/DiC dub [[ShesAManInJapan turned him into a girl]] to satisfy the MoralGuardians.
** How about [[CreepyCrossdresser Fish Eye]]? Oh right, [[ShesAManInJapan same reason]].
* The Big Cheese from ''Anime/SamuraiPizzaCats'' pretty much embodies this trope, being a flamboyant, histrionic mouse (fox in the original Japanese) who dresses in drag and likes to dance. Somewhat justified in that the original version actually WAS gay and openly flirted with his subordinates. For obvious reasons, that particular aspect was not present in the American version.
* Ukiyo of ''Anime/SamuraiSeven'' is a mincing fop who either always wears make-up, or for some reason, has that as his natural skin tone. However, he's a CampStraight version- the fact that he's often with his PaidHarem marks him as pretty clearly heterosexual (and some of the mincing is just an act anyway). There's also Hyogo, an elite mook, who has an androgynous appearance and wears lipstick and what seems like [[CreepyCrossdresser women's clothing]].
* Ferid of ''Manga/SeraphOfTheEnd'' is a dangerous DepravedBisexual vampire whom is described WordOfGod to be [[DudeLooksLikeALady quite pretty]] with a obsession with cleanliness, keeps his [[LongHairedPrettyBoy long hair in a ponytail with a ribbon]] (he has several ribbons and says he wears them because they're cute) and postures a lot. Supplementary materials dictate that he has designed several of Mika's outfits. He even compares himself to a "delicate flower" in chapter 46 while joking that he needs his comrade Crowley to save him from a revenge fueled Yuu before flirting with Yuu when he calms down. His [[BadassGay sissiness doesn't detract from his badassness though]].
* [[GodIsEvil The God of the Wired]]/[[spoiler:Masami Eiri]] in ''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain'', in addition to a unisex name, has long hair and a slightly feminine face with a open shirt that reveals his chest, and during his first confrontation with the eponymous character, talks in feminine speech. A rare case of this actually making him ''more'' intimidating, especially hearing it in his [[EvilSoundsDeep deep, masculine voice]].
* Masao from ''Manga/{{Shiki}}'' may qualify, as he's wimpy and somewhat effeminate-looking (though any actual feminine traits he has tend to be somewhat downplayed). Interestingly enough, he appears to be straight while Natsuno, who's one of the few heroic characters in the story, is often considered AmbiguouslyGay.
* Two ''Anime/SpeedGrapher'' villains qualify. Shirogane, the RubberMan euphoric, is a very arrogant and somewhat campy ballet instructor who in his transformed state, runs around in what looks like a gimp suit. More sympathetically is Tsujido, the leader of the TerribleTrio, who wears something that could pass for a SpyCatsuit with his AbsoluteCleavage jacket unzipped half-way. Whether or not his feelings for his boss, [[TheDragon Suitengu]], run any deeper is ambiguous, but it was [[WordOfGod clearly stated]] he was supposed to "give off an atmosphere of having an AmbiguousGender".
* The previous page picture was of Cytomander from ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. Considering the protagonist's {{Super Robot|Genre}} is actually powered by [[HotBlooded MANLY SPIRIT]], it's surprising that he's the only Sissy Villain in the series. The good guys also have a very effeminate man on their side too, CampGay mecha lover and all-around genius Leeron.
* Kano in ''Manga/{{Texhnolyze}}'' is effeminate and physically unimpressive, as well as a schizophrenic soplisist [[IncestIsRelative produced from generations of selective inbreeding]].
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'':
** Shuu Tsukiyama has over-the-top Camp mannerisms and a fabulous fashion sense and develops an obsession with Kaneki. He's also a very dangerous and infamous Ghoul known as "The Gourmet'' who's skilled in martial arts and very deadly when using his kagune, managing to fight Kaneki, Touka, and Nishiki all by himself. He also is very pretty in appearance and frequently admonishes comrade Chie for her unladylikeness.
** Nico is a self proclaimed pursuer of beautiful people and considers an exposed spinal cord and ruining people's lives to be a wonderful thing. He also is TooKinkyToTorture and has a definite fondness for deranged and badass men especially Yamori. He is a mincing gay Okama who is associated with flowers and wears open shirts. In the 2016 calendar he was dressed in bondage and fishnets and was described as being equivalent to a girl with his effeminate qualities and crushes on men.
** [[spoiler:[[WildCard Furuta]] [[FinalBoss Nimura]]]] is CampStraight (though he does have the occasional FoeYay with Kaneki) and in love with [[FemmeFatale Rize]], and many fans describe him as fabulous and fruity (it's a pun on his name). He certainly is conventionally sexy, with a gothic appearance, and dresses smartly while mincing around and posing in suggestive and [[{{Narm}} comical]] fashions.
* Dilandau, the {{Bishonen}} PsychoForHire from ''Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne''. [[spoiler:But there's a [[GenderBender very good reason]] [[BrainwashedAndCrazy for that]].]]
* ''Franchise/YuGiOh'':
** Pegasus from ''[[Anime/YuGiOh the original anime]]'' is a CampStraight PsychopathicManchild whose preferred monsters are based off his childhood cartoons (get him mad enough, though, and he'll bring out Relinquished). In case you wondered if this was limited to the dub, he's ''exactly'' as flamboyant in the original, right down to appending "-boy" to his opponent's names.
** Espa Roba was more like a SnakeOilSalesman than a true villain, but he was pretty effeminate. (Of course, he ''did'' used to be a circus performer, which likely explained the outfit.)
** Ziegfried and Marik to lesser degrees.
** Professor Chronos from ''Anime/YuGiOhGX''. (Until his HeelFaceTurn anyway; after that, he was simply a sissy.) Note that his Ancient Gear Monsters were ''very'' masculine, it's just that ''he'' wasn't.
** Jeagar, Rex Godwin's henchman from ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'' was like this, [[MonsterClown and was a creepy clown on top of it.]] (But again, having grown up in a circus, he had an excuse. And [[AntiVillain he wasn't truly evil anyway.]])
** Mr. Heartland, TheDragon to Dr. Faker in ''Anime/YuGiOhZexal''.
** Yuri from ''Anime/YuGiOhArcV'', and he stands out among the names listed above. While many of them have some humor potential and/or redeeming qualities that keeps them from being true monsters, Yuri has ''neither''. He's a Sissy Villain who's a cruel sadist ''and'' dangerous threat.
* BigBad [[spoiler: Hakka]] in ''Manga/ZombieLoan'' will shamelessly hit on anything with a Y chromosome, gropes a male character's ass at one point, and even refers to himself as [[spoiler:Michiru (aka the Singularity)]]'s mother.


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