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''Topo Gigio'' (Italian for mouse --''topo''-- and the derivative "Gigi" for Luigi --''Louis''--, thus meaning ''Louie Mouse'') is an Italian [[PuppetShow puppet character]] mouse that sprung a franchise of children's products around the world, particularly popular in the [[LatinLand Latin World]] [[note]] as in countries that speak a Romance language, most notably Italy, Spain, Portugal and Latin America[[/note]]. Although the character also debuted in the US and other non-Latin countries. In the US it had recurring appearances in ''Series/TheEdSullivanShow''.

Topo Gigio was created in 1958 by puppeteer Maria Perego and both the puppet and the technique used in it were revolutionary at the time, especially for the way it opened and closed the eyelids, moved the mouth and for the especially made and very detailed miniature clothing that wears. It became a hit and popular culture icon in Italy during TheSixties and spawned a big franchise with animated series, comics, children's music and two movies. When the show was exported to other countries particularly in UsefulNotes/{{Europe}} and UsefulNotes/LatinAmerica, it became a hit as well. The show was remade in different languages generally with a well known celebrity (usually {{Talk Show}}s hosts) in their respective countries or regions, some of them were Chris Howland for Germany and Austria and Raul Astor (later Julio Alemán) for Latin America. They also made an [[ anime series]] about him.
'''Topo Gigio provides examples of'''
* ChristianityIsCatholic: Topo Gigio makes several references to prayers (especially before sleep) and constant reference to a made-up saint San Peppino (Saint Cucumber). It helps that the character was popular among Latins that are mostly Catholics.
* {{Crossover}}: Topo Gigio once made a guest appearance on ''Series/ElChapulinColorado''.
* DarkerAndEdgier: The Japanese-produced movie ''Film/TopoGigioAndTheMissileWar''
* FurryConfusion: Topo Gigio has a pet cat… and is smaller than him.
* NiceMice: Topo Gigio is a friendly sweet mouse.
* LatinLover: In a child friendly version, Topo Gigio is very popular with ladies. But, he’s Italian so what did you expected?
* SpeciesSurname: Topo means mouse in Italian. Curiously it also means mole in Spanish causing some confusion to some viewers.
* VagueAge: Topo Gigio’s exact age is never revealed. Sometimes he has the behavior of a little kid (as he requires certain cares before going to sleep) and sometimes has more adult behavior, especially with the ladies.

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