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A WorkCom about four nurses living and working together in a Leeds hospital. Ran for 3 series.

* ArrangedMarriage: At the beginning of the series, Anji is promised to childhood friend Ajesh, but has lots of flings and one night stands.
* TheCasanova: Jamie
* DoNotCallMePaul: Beth used to be Beverley, but changed her name when she left home.
* DoctorJerk: [=McManus=] mostly, but Jamie and Callum have their moments too.
* GoldDigger: Beth actively seeks out wealthy men to date. [[spoiler: At the end of the series, she ends up finding happiness with a plumber.]]
* HospitalHottie: The four nurses and arguably also the doctors they work with.
* RunawayBride: [[spoiler: Kate]]
* TakeThat: The title is a jab at Creator/TheBBC's 1970s medical soap ''Angels'', which. while groundbreakingly realistic for its day, had a more [[NobleProfession idealised portrayal of nurses]]
* TheVamp: Beth
* WhosYourDaddy: [[spoiler: A slight subversion- Anji comes back from a long holiday pregnant, but the identity of the father is never discussed.]]
* WillTheyOrWontThey: Anji and Callum managed to dance around each other for the show's entire run. [[spoiler: TheyDo, in the final episode.]]

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