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The "Bellisarioverse" is an umbrella term for eight shows on Creator/{{CBS}} that all link together, starting with ''Series/{{JAG}}'' and spanning over twenty years of continuity. It is named after Creator/DonaldPBellisario, the creator of ''JAG'', which later became popular enough to foster a cascade of SpinOff series, which grew into a SharedUniverse when CBS introduced several more shows that [[CrossOver cross-pollinated]] with these spin-offs. Although not all of these shows subscribe to BellisariosMaxim due to being under the jurisdiction of their own unique creators, they do like to remind you from time to time not to examine things too closely.
!!The Bellisarioverse comprises the following (in chronological order):
* ''Series/{{JAG}}'' (1995-2005)
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' (2003; spin-off from ''JAG'')
* ''Series/NCISLosAngeles'' (2009; 1st spin-off from ''NCIS'', also featured several members of the ''JAG'' cast; crossed over with ''NCIS'' and ''Hawaii Five-0'')
* ''Series/HawaiiFive0'' (2010; crossed over with ''NCIS'', ''NCIS: LA'', and ''[=MacGyver=]'')
* ''Series/{{Scorpion}}'' (2014-2018; crossed over with ''NCIS: LA'')
* ''Series/NCISNewOrleans'' (2014; 2nd spin-off from ''NCIS'', crossed over with ''NCIS'')
* ''Series/MacGyver2016'' (crossed over with ''Hawaii Five-0'')
* ''Series/MagnumPI2018'' (Set to crossover with ''Hawaii Five-0'' and has already included minor characters and direct references to the 5-0 unit in its first few episodes)

Although not officially considered part of the Bellisarioverse, a short-lived 2002 courtroom drama titled ''Series/FirstMonday'' featured a government official played by Creator/DeanStockwell who became a recurring character on ''JAG'' after ''First Monday'' ended.


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