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!!Wick Check (60 samples)


!!Wick Check (60 samples)
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!!Wick Check (60 samples)


[[folder:Potholing "T. rex" - 40%]]
* Characters.TheDresdenFilesHarrysHousehold
* Characters.PlanetOfDinosaurs
* Characters.MegaManXVillains
* Characters.LeagueOfLegendsThemesNToZ
* Characters.CKCCardGameSPN1
* BigBad.LiveActionTV
* BigBad.AnimatedFilms
* Awesome.TheBridge
* Awesome.JurassicWorldEvolution
* Anime.FreshPrettyCure
* Literature.TheMagicSchoolBus
* Funny.TheNostalgiaCritic2014Episodes
* Funny.DinosaursTheMostCompleteUpToDateEncyclopedia
* Film.KingKong1933
* Film.Dinosaur1985
* ComicBook.GodzillaRulersOfEarth
* ComicBook.AdventureTime
* WesternAnimation.WereBackADinosaursStory
* VideoGame.MonsterRacers
* Series.PowerRangersMegaforce
* Series.KaizokuSentaiGokaiger
* Recap.TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012HalfShellHeroesBlastToThePast
* Recap.PlanetOfDinosaurs
* Recap.BigHero6TheSeriesS1E21CountdownToCatastrophe

[[folder:Work features a T. Rex - 40%]]
* Characters.TransformersDevastation: His alternate mode.
* Characters.CityOfLostCharacters: Natch
* Characters.ARKSurvivalEvolved: Played with. Despite everyone calling it a "Rex", the dossier notes its actually a species called Tyrannosaurus dominum rather than Tyrannosaurus rex.
* Animation.HappyHeroes: Nearly every dinosaur that lives on planet Xing Xing resembles a T-rex.
* Manga.NinjaHattori: One episode features a big model of a T-rex at a museum. Kagechiyo moves it around to scare Kenichi while he is taking a photo of his friends and teacher, who are standing in front of the model.
* Manga.Doraemon: Noby encounters one in Noby's Dinosaur.
* Literature.ThreeDThrillers: The T. Rex book likely exists because of this Trope.
* Literature.Dinotopia: They guard ancient temples in the Rainy Basin and must be bought off with smoked fish or eels to ensure safe passage. Journey to Chandara also features another variant that feeds only on carrion.
* Literature.Carnosaur: Downplayed. The only ones featured are a pair of hatchlings which only appear in the end devouring Lady Jane. The very similar, but still distinct Tarbosaurus instead takes its place as the main threat. In-universe however, characters repeatedly mistake the Tarbosaurus for its North American cousin.
* Film.TheValleyOfGwangi: Though billed as an Allosaurus, Gwangi doesn't really look like one.
* Film.TheLastDinosaur: Paleontologists have called them the crown of creation... the king of the super tyrant lizards!
* Film.TRexBackToTheCretaceous:  Once again, the star of the show in the Cretaceous. With constant references to how fascinating Donald, Ally and Elizabeth find this species.
* Film.IronSkyTheComingRace: Hitler rides one that he calls Blondie.
* Film.AgeOfDinosaurs: Downplayed. Tyrannosaurus does appear, but has a rather minimal role at the dino stampede in the climax. The main threat comes from an oversized Ceratosaurus and a bunch of raptor-esque Carnotaurus.
* Fanfic.TheSevenHunters: Chomper, his family, and Red Claw all make appearances in the story.
* Fanfic.TheSevenHunters: Rexy the T-rex from the movies is the first dinosaur that The Team captures, and becomes a permanent resident at the 'San Huelva Zoo'.
* Characters.YuGiOhCardGameJToL: Dogoran, as a Not Zilla, has some T. rex-like features, most notably with its facial structure, which fits with its Dinosaur typing.
* WesternAnimation.TheSpongeBobMovieSpongeOutOfWater: Or rather Squidasaurus Rex, a T. rex-like creature with Squidward's head.
* WesternAnimation.PlanetSketch: One stars in the "Dr. Inosaur" segments, in which he always attempts to eat his patients and fails.
* WesternAnimation.DinoBabies: One episode has the kids taking in a baby T. rex.
* VideoGame.HolyBeastOnline: As a pet.
* Series.ClashOfTheDinosaurs:  A dinosaur documentary wouldn't be complete without it. He's described as the biggest meat-eating dinosaur ever, despite Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus were already known to be bigger at the time of the program.
* Recap.DoctorWhoS33E2DinosaursOnASpaceship: The only one shown is a sleeping baby, and it doesn't have much impact.
* Characters.JurassicParkLiterature: The name says it all.

[[folder:Antagonistic T. Rex - 20%]]
* Characters.WarcraftWildGods: Devilsaur are Warcraft's fantasy-equivalent of a T. rex, and Rezan is the god of them all.
* Characters.SpecklesTheTarbosaurus: Easily among the most malicious ones in media, up along the likes of The Sharptooth.
* Characters.PokemonGenerationIISlugmaToCelebi: Tyranitar, which is obvious from its name
* Anime.DaikyouryuNoJidai: The film's main antagonist.
* Literature.PrimalStrife: The Reptile Hairless greatly resembles one, albeit with razor-sharp spikes protruding from its tail and down the back of its neck, and with long, scythe-like claws.
* Literature.JourneyToTheCenterOfTheEarth: Giganotosaurus, actually, as is stated in special features. Naturally chasing the protagonists.
* Film.PlanetOfTheDinosaurs: The villain of the film. He's practically a slasher the way he stalks our heroes.
* Fanfic.TheSevenHunters:  Is the main target for Return of the King, and an entire family is successfully rescued and brought to the park during this mission.
* ComicBook.PocketGod: In the first story arc, the tribe gets chased by a T. Rex that Nooby names Chicken. He squishes Dooby before being tricked into falling off a cliff.
* VideoGame.UltimateEpicBattleSimulator: Added in an earlier patch as a unit that is large, strong, and tough to kill.
* VideoGame.BookwormAdventures: A juvenile & adult are enemies in the sequel.
* Recap.GravityFallsS2E20WeirdmageddonPart3TakeBackTheFalls: The T. rex encased in amber from "The Land Before Swine" becomes the left fist for the Mystery Shack mecha.

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