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The girls joyously remark on this before they continue on their way as a single tear leaks from the new statues eye...


The girls joyously remark on this before they continue on their way as a single tear leaks from the new statues statue's eye...

* Adorkable: Miho when she starts opening up to the girls she befriends. They also notice it and remark on her cuteness.


* Adorkable: {{Adorkable}}: Miho when she starts opening up to the girls she befriends. They This is also notice it and remark on supported by them addressing her cuteness. as cute.

Added DiffLines:

->'''Miho:''' ''I want friends...even if it's just one person...''\\

!! Summary

As she prepares to leave school Miho observes two classmates chatting among themselves when a Teacher approaches her. She hasn't signed up for a co-curricular activity yet, but she's sure that because there are so many friends in them she'll probably be able to find one to join soon.

Since attending middle school Miho has been having trouble making friends. She used to have a bunch but now she's too shy- which doesn't really help at this age. Not only that, but because everyone has already began to form their friend groups it would be strange of her to try to approach them now, so she can't bring herself to try as she sees the girls from earlier join their friends. For now, all she has is a small stone statue she walks by twice each day. It's the only thing she can talk to as of late, and she stops to greet it; earning her a few strange looks from some passing boys.

More than anything, Miho wants a friend... even if it was just one.

The next day, Miho thinks more over the curricular activities. She still doesn't know what to do, and would rather avoid school than deal with them. However, she is caught off-guard when two girls approach her to mention that "a friend" has shown up to see her. Miho gets up to see, worried it might be a prank when she heads outside to the school entrance to find a note has been left for her.

"''Miho-chan, are you doing well?''"

Once school ends, Miho is confused when another note has been delivered for her, this time in her storage area that reads "''I want to see Miho-chan''". But when she asks for information about who left it the girl who told her wasn't able to provide a clear answer.

Concerned over these letters, Miho continues to think about the person writing them and wonders if it could be a girl from another school- like Aika, her friend who started attending a private school. She heads downstairs to find her mother finishing dinner and asks if Aika has called recently. Her mother says she hasn't, but recalls running into her mother recently. She was telling her that Aika has been struggling to adjust to her new school and hasn't really made any friends yet; and with that, Miho's curiosity appears answered.

However, something occurs to her the next day on her way to school. Why would Aika send letters rather than call her or meet in person? Momentarily distracted, Miho notices the statue and stops to share her newfound happiness with it.

From that day on, the letters began to show up after school near the entrance and she has began to write back to the mysterious sender after seeing their latest letter:

"''As usual I'm really lonely, what about Miho-chan?''"

While Miho wishes they could talk in-person, she's at least happy to have this option because she has been feeling better.

Unfortunately, the two males from earlier happen to find Miho in the middle of cheerily writing her letter and one of them snatches it from her. He remarks on how someone like her probably doesn't have a pen pal and they wonder if she's just faking it, as they never see anybody leaving the notes or collecting them. Miho claims they are wrong but she finds herself in tears when they mock her; until one of her classmates comes to her defense and smacks the boys with a rolled up booklet. She tells them off before kindly explaining that Miho was getting picked on because of how she acts lately, some people find it suspicious. She suggests Miho try to speak to the writer in person instead, then apologizes for being kinda nosy.

Before the girl, Okada, leaves, Miho hesitantly approaches her to thank her. Okada insists it isn't a big deal before inviting Miho to join her heading to their next class and she agrees. Along the way she meets Okada's friends, the girls Miho often observed a while ago. They are all very nice and one of them mentions knowing someone who attended her elementary school, causing Miho to slowly open up. The girls are surprised because they assumed she just preferred her solitude, but with ease Miho responds and they quickly take to her, remarking on how cute she is, and how amusing her responses are.

Eventually, this event allows Miho to join in this group and find a club she enjoys. She realizes that she should have just been more upfront back when they first met but she's delighted knowing things worked out. Although, because she's been so busy she hasn't had much time to respond to the most recent letter. She can just do it later though.

Miho chats to her friends while making her way home that day in regards to the letters. She's convinced that it ''has'' to be Aika, but they haven't been doing it anymore. She still wishes she could see her, but she's feeling better now and she'll be okay- she hasn't even thought about Aika anymore.

She passes by the statue without a second glance.

At home, Miho is unpacking her items when her mother returns to ask about her P.E. clothing, which she plans to wash in the laundry. She has an update on Aika as well, and brings up that her mother said as of late she's been doing a lot better. She's even made some new friends!

While Miho is happy to hear this, she is also very confused. She's still been getting letters, so why would Aika be sending them now? She looks in her school bag to find a new note that was slipped inside:

"''Tomorrow, I will be coming to see Miho-chan.''"

Filled with curiosity, Miho can hardly sleep that night. She's dying to find out who this mystery writer could be!

The next day Miho heads to school but nobody is in class yet and remembers how first period is optional. She observes the nearby board before shockingly making a discovery: her name, written in black ink ''all over her desk''. She initially writes it off as a joke until noticing how much the writing style matches the notes, and hearing a sound out in the hallway, she gets closer and opens the door to find nobody there.

As soon as she turns out, she is horrified to see the stone statue -now somewhat bigger- embracing her. The statue calls her name, and before Miho can say or do anything- she's suddenly thrown back against a row of desks. She quickly recognizes the statue as the one she passes by each day when she recalls the girl from the other day, the one she asked about the person delivering the messages and how she wasn't able to identify them.

Is it possible that the rock statue has been doing this?

The statue gets closer to Miho, and in a panic she throws a book at it and runs away. The statue launches itself at her and grows in size as she desperately cries out for help. The statue continues to call her name as it continuously smashes her back, spraying blood around the room until she loses consciousness from having her spine and back broken.

Once school ends, Miho's friends are making their way home when they decide to pay her a visit. Since she didn't show up they assume she might be sick, but as they make their way near the stone statue they stop to see it now has a friend and it looks very happy!

The girls joyously remark on this before they continue on their way as a single tear leaks from the new statues eye...


* Adorkable: Miho when she starts opening up to the girls she befriends. They also notice it and remark on her cuteness.
* AndIMustScream: Miho is [[TakenForGranite transformed into a statue]].
* DownerEnding: For Miho, who finally made friends who earnestly liked her and have no idea what happened to her. Meanwhile, it's
* HappilyEverAfter: for the statue.
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: Both Miho and the [[LivingStatue stone statue]].
* LonersAreFreaks: A very light version of this. Miho isn't feared or avoided like most cases, but a few classmates see her as this due to watching her speak to the statue, or because they think she's making up a pen pal.
* SingleTear
* {{Yandere}}: The stone statue

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