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History Recap / TheOfficeUSS6E10Murder

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When rumors about Dunder Mifflin going under start to spread and bad news are close, Michael decides to get the office to calm down by playing a southern themed murder mystery game. As Michael finds himself unable to break character and wants the game to continue, Pam and Jim worry that he has lost it.

Meanwhile, Andy tries to ask Erin out.
* AntiEscapismAesop: Subverted. Michael's behavior through the first part of the episode seems to lead into this, as Jim urges everyone to go back to work so they can try to save their jobs, however, when he gets news that the situation might actually be as bad as they fear, he decides that rather than making everyone feel bad, he starts another round of murder mystery. He mentions to the camera that, if two parents are in a boat with kids, if one of the parents wants to play a game, rather than row, they might be doing it for the kids and to keep them happy.
* DidNotGetTheGirl: Andy couldn't decide whether the date he got with Erin was real or just part of the game. As he is unable to decide, he tries to save face by passing it off as a game. Erin reveals to the camera that she was excited because she thought it was a real date.
* MexicanStandOff: Michael, Pam, Dwight and Andy get locked in one at the end of the episode, where almost all of them are double agents and all blame each other for the murder.
* NotSoAboveItAll: Jim goes to the conference room to find out that Pam, of all people, is in there in a pretend MexicanStandOff with Dwight, Michael and Andy.

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