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History Recap / TheOddCoupleS2E8FatFarm

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When Felix and Nancy both start pushing him about the state of his body, Oscar reluctantly agrees to accompany Felix to a two-week health camp. However, the restrictions quickly drive him to the breaking point.
!!This episode includes examples of the following tropes:
* EekAMouse: Implied. When Felix jumps up on Oscar's desk to prove how fit he is, Oscar scoffs that it doesn't count; he only learned how to do that because he fears mice.
* TheNoseKnows: When Oscar smuggles deli food into a fat farm, Felix can smell and identify every item.... as well as a can opener. [[HowIsThatEvenPossible Oscar asks incredulously how he smelled the last.]]
* OneSidedArmWrestling: In the final scene, Felix gets Oscar into an arm-wrestling match, something he claims he's great at, attempting to prove the food he's eating doesn't give him power. Felix easily pins him.
* ResignInProtest: A variation; when Dr. Burger evicts Oscar from the camp after his second offense, Felix tells him that if they force Oscar to leave, he's leaving as well. Dr. Burger doesn't care.
* SneakingSnacks: Felix talks Oscar into joining him at a weight-loss retreat he attends every year. Outside food is not allowed, but Oscar manages to sneak in a number of items from a deli nearby. Unfortunately for him, Felix can identify every one by well as the can opener Oscar brought.

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