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History Recap / TheBigBangTheoryS6E19TheClosetReconfiguration

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* HumanShield: Sheldon uses Amy as one when Howard storms into the apartment screaming he's going to kill him after finding out Sheldon told Bernadette what was in the letter. Sheldon continues to hide behind Amy until Howard leaves the room, and claims he panicked because Howard looked taller than usual.



* EverybodyKnewAlready: Eventually, everyone but Howard knows what was in his dad's letter.
* ManChild: Sheldon at the cocktail party.
-->'''Penny:''' Well, this party is delightful.\\
'''Raj:''' As is the company\\
'''Sheldon:''' This shirt is itchy and I wish I was dead.
* ShoutOut:
** Sheldon's version of Howard's father's letter is clearly a nod to ''Film/TheGoonies'', which everyone calls him out on.
** In Raj's version, the card had a ''ComicStrip/TheFarSide'' panel on the cover, the one with a frog with its tongue stuck to a plane.
* TheUnreveal: The gang decides to make up different accounts of what was in the letter Howard's dad left him, only one of which is true. That way, Howard will get the truth but also be able to choose which scenario to believe.

Added DiffLines:

When Howard discovers an old letter from his father in his mother's closet, he debates whether or not he should open it. Leonard and Penny host a grown-up cocktail party.


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