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History Recap / TheBeverlyHillbillies

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[[folder: Season 1]]
The Clampetts Strike Oil
Getting Settled
Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin
The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale
Jed Buys Stock
Trick or Treat
The Servants
Jethro Goes to School
Elly's First Date
Pygmalion and Elly
Elly Races Jethrine
The Great Feud
Home for Christmas
No Place Like Home
Jed Rescues Pearl
Back to Californy
Jed's Dilemma
Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage
Elly's Animals
Jed Throws a Wingding
Jed Plays Solomon
Duke Steals a Wife
Jed Buys the Freeway
Jed Becomes a Banker
The Family Tree
Jed Cuts the Family Tree
Granny's Spring Tonic
Jed Pays His Income Tax
The Clampetts and the Dodgers
Duke Becomes a Father
The Clampetts Entertain
The Clampetts in Court
The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed
The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted
Elly Becomes a Secretary
Jethro's Friend

[[folder: Season 2]]
Jed Gets the Misery
Hair-Raising Holiday
Granny's Garden
Elly Starts to School
The Clampett Look
Jethro's First Love
Chickadee Returns
The Clampetts Are Overdrawn
The Clampetts Go Hollywood
Turkey Day
The Garden Party
Elly Needs a Maw
The Clampetts Get Culture
Christmas at the Clampetts
A Man for Elly
The Giant Jackrabbit
The Girl from Home
Lafe Lingers On
The Race for Queen
Lafe Returns
Son of Lafe Returns
The Clampetts Go Fishing
The Critter Doctor
A Bride for Jed
Granny Versus the Weather Bureau
Another Neighbor
The Bank Raising
The Great Crawdad Hunt
The Dress Shop
The House of Granny
The Continental Touch
Jed, Incorporated
Granny Learns to Drive
Cabin in Beverly Hills
Jed Foils a Home Wrecker
Jethro's Graduation

[[folder: Season 3]]
Jed Becomes A Movie Mogul
Clampett City
Clampett City General Store
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood
Doctor Jed Clampett
Jed the Heartbreaker
Back to Marineland
Teenage Idol
The Widow Poke Arrives
The Ballet
The Boarder
The Boarder Stays
Start the New Year Right
Clampett General Hospital
The Movie Starlet
Elly in the Movies
Dash Riprock, You Cad
Clampett A-Go-Go
Granny's Romance
Jed's Temptation
Double Naught Jethro
Clampett's Millions
Drysdale's Dog Days
Brewster's Honeymoon
Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs
Jed and the Countess
Big Daddy, Jed
Cool School is Out
The Big Bank Battle
The Clampetts Versus Automation
Luke's Boy
The Brewsters Return
Jed, the Bachelor
The Art Center

[[folder: Season 4]]
Admiral Jed Clampett
That Old Black Magic
The Sheik
The Private Eye
Possum Day
The Possum Day Parade
The Clampetts Play the Rams
The Courtship of Elly
A Real Nice Neighbor
The Poor Farmer
Hoe Down a-Go-Go
Mrs. Drysdale's Father
Mr. Farquhar Stays On
Military School
The Common Cold
The Richest Woman
The Trotting Horse
The Buggy
The Cat Burglar
The Big Chicken
Sonny Drysdale Returns
Brewster's Baby
The Great Jethro
The Old Folks Home
Flatt and Scruggs Return
The Folk Singers
The Beautiful Maid
Jethro's Pad
The Bird Watchers
Jethro Gets Engaged
Granny Tonics a Birdwatcher
Jethro Goes to College

[[folder: Season 5]]
The Party Line
The Soup Contest
Jethro Takes Love Lessons
The Badger Game
The Badgers Return
The Gorilla
Come Back, Little Herby
Jed in Politics
Clampett Cha Cha Cha
Jed Joins the Board
Granny Lives It Up
The Gloria Swanson Story
The Woodchucks
Foggy Mountain Soap
The Christmas Present
The Flying Saucer
The Mayor of Bug Tussle
Granny Retires
The Clampett Curse
The Indians Are Coming
The Marriage Machine
Elly Comes Out
The Matador
The Gypsy's Warning
His Royal Highness
Super Hawg
The Doctors
Delovely and Scruggs
The Little Monster
The Dahlia Feud

[[folder: Season 6]]
Jed Inherits a Castle
The Clampetts in London
Clampett Castle
Robin Hood of Griffith Park
Robin Hood and the Sheriff
Greetings From the President
The Army Game
Mr. Universe Muscles In
A Plot for Granny
The Social Climbers
Jethro's Military Career
The Reserve Program
The South Rides Again
Jethro in the Reserve
Cimarron Drip
Corn Pone Picassos
The Clampetts Play Cupid
The Housekeeper
The Diner
Topless Anyone?
The Great Snow
The Rass'lin' Clampetts
The Great Tag-Team Match
Jethro Proposes
The Clampetts Fiddle Around
The Soap Opera
Dog Days
The Crystal Gazers
From Rags to Riches
Cousin Roy

[[folder: Season 7]]
A Bundle for Britain
Something for the Queen
War of the Roses
Coming Through the Rye
Ghost of Clampett Castle
Granny Goes to Hooterville
The Italian Cook
The Great Cook-Off
Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs
The Thanksgiving Spirit
The Courtship of Homer Noodleman
The Hot-Rod Truck
The Week Before Christmas
Christmas in Hooterville
Drysdale and Friend
Problem Bear
Jethro the Flesh Peddler
Cousin Roy in Movieland
Jed Clampett Enterprises
The Phantom Fifth Floor
The Hired Gun
The Happy Bank
Sam Drucker's Visit
The Guru
The Jogging Clampetts
Collard Greens an' Fatback

[[folder: Season 8]]
Back to the Hills
The Hills of Home
Silver Dollar City Fair
Jane Finds Elly a Man
Wedding Plans
Jed Buys Central Park
The Clampetts in New York
Manhattan Hillbillies
Home Again
Shorty Kellems Moves West
Midnight Shorty
Shorty Go Home
The Hero
Our Hero the Banker
Buzz Bodine, Boy General
The Clampett-Hewes Empire
What Happened to Shorty?
Marry Me, Shorty
Shorty Spits the Hook
Three-Day Reprieve
The Wedding
Annul That Marriage
Hotel for Women
Simon Legree Drysdale
Honest John Returns
Honesty is the Best Policy

[[folder: Season 9]]
The Pollution Solution
The Clampetts in Washington
Jed Buys the Capitol
Mark Templeton Arrives
Don't Marry a Frogman
Doctor, Cure My Frog
Do You Elly Take This Frog?
The Frog Family
Farm in the Ocean
Shorty to the Rescue
Welcome to the Family
The Great Revelation
The Grunion Invasion
The Girls From Grun
The Grun Incident
Women's Lib
The Teahouse of Jed Clampett
The Palace of Clampett San
Lib and Let Lib
Elly, the Working Girl
Elly, the Secretary
Love Finds Jane Hathaway
The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty Crockett
Jethro Returns

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