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History Recap / OuranHighSchoolHostClubE7JunglePoolSOS

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The Host Club drags Haruhi to an artificial tropical water park, but an accident involving the wave pool separates Honey from the rest of the gang. Haruhi and Mori separate from the rest of the group to look for him, and Mori carries Haruhi due to the fact that she's creeped out by the jungle animals. Haruhi wonders about Honey and Mori's relationship and the twins explain that they're cousins by marriage but traditionally Mori's family had been the servants of Honey's family for generations. Meanwhile, Kyoya hires his family's private police force (The Black Onion Squad) to look for Honey and arrest any suspicious people. The squad mistakes Haruhi for Honey and Mori as a suspicious person. Honey swings in on a vine, amazing Haruhi with his martial arts ability before he subdues the guards who apologize profusely for attacking Haruhi and Mori and claim to be honored to be beaten by the great Mitsukuni Haninozuka, nationally-renowned martial artist. The Host Club reunites and Haruhi mentions that she would prefer visiting an actual beach.

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