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History Recap / OuranHighSchoolHostClubE22MoriSenpaiHasAnApprenticeCandidate

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When the son of a gangster, Ritsu Kasanoda, seeks out Mori for tips on how to change his scary appearance and gain friends, the Host Club immediately jumps at the opportunity to change his image, making many humorous mistakes along the way, including messing with Kasanoda's name by calling him Casanova and Bossanova, as well as dressing him in ridiculous outfits. When Kasanoda meets Haruhi, he's attracted to her which leads to confusion about his sexuality, since he believes her to be a boy. When two rival gang members attempt to hurt Kasanoda, Honey and Mori intervene. The thugs demand that Tetsuya Sendo, one of Kasanoda's 'fellas, be returned but Tetsuya appears and demands they leave before sharing with the hosts how he came to serve his young lord. Kasanoda is touched by everyone's good will and goes to find Haruhi, who is changing in Music Room 3 and, just like Tamaki, he learns about Haruhi's gender by accident.

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