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History Recap / OuranHighSchoolHostClubE12HoneysThreeBitterDays

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!!This episode provides examples of:


!!This episode provides examples of:of:

* BewareTheNiceOnes: Honey is usually a sweet guy. However, he can quite scary if anything upsets him (being awaken from a nap, Usa-chan getting dirty, or being deprived of cake).
* PlayboyBunny: When told by the twins that they wanted Haruhi to wear a bunny costume, Tamaki first imagines her wearing a tame playboy bunny outfit.

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A brief introductory bit has Honey's adored stuffed bunny, Usa-chan, stained with tea, with Tamaki and the twins terrified of Honey's reaction when he wakes up. Haruhi learns more about Honey's bad temper if woken from sleep too early and his martial arts abilities that once caused a major diplomatic crisis between Japan and America, although Mori is able to defuse the entire situation with a few words. During club hours, Honey experiences sudden tooth pain and Mori finds that he has a cavity; the number one rule until the cavity is fixed is no desserts or snacks. A very depressed Honey attempts many strategies to obtain sweets, but to no avail. He ultimately takes his frustration out on Mori by judo-throwing him, as Mori is being the strictest with him. Haruhi realizes that Mori wanted to be punished by Honey because he blames himself for not telling Honey to brush his teeth. When Honey hears this, he's very sorry and they make amends. A few days later, Honey's cavity is repaired, thereby allowing him to eat desserts and snacks again, which makes him happy but Kyoya, very unhappy; the reason being that purchasing all Honey's snacks cost the club money and Kyoya, after all, is the "Shadow King" who keeps the club afloat financially while Tamaki is the obvious "King" who keeps the guests happy.

!!This episode provides examples of:

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