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History Recap / OuranHighSchoolHostClubE11BigBrotherIsAPrince

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A small girl, Kirimi Nekozawa, wanders into Ouran Academy searching for her older brother who attends the school. Her brother is Umehito Nekozawa. She labels the Host Club as "a reverse harem," surrounded by "debauchery" which the hosts find startling given her young age. When Kirimi sees Tamaki's blond hair, she mistakes him for Umehito. Two servants from the Nekozawa household appear to retrieve her and, while with the hosts, explain that Kirimi is afraid of the dark while Umehito is afraid of the light. With his black cloak, black wig and Beelzenef cat puppet, Umehito accidentally frightens Kirimi who clings to Tamaki, causing Umehito to leave, dejected. After the siblings leave, Tamaki enlists the help of Renge to coach Nekozawa into become the princely figure his sister is convinced that he is. She lives her life waiting for her princely brother to save her from the monster in her house, who is actually Nekozawa in his cloak and wig, having to cover his skin and hair due to photophobia. Tamaki and Renge help him to learn to act princely and to avoid occult references, as well as help him give up his cloak and wig, convincing him that his phobia is just psychological. Eventually this leads to him saving Kirimi from a large unfriendly cat, since she also has ailurophobia, the fear of cats, and convinces her of his bravery. Despite temporarily overcoming his photophobia, Umehito eventually succumbs to his skin's sensitivity to sunlight and collapses. This makes the Host Club believe that they were unsuccessful when, in reality, the Nekozawa siblings have forged a bond that transcends appearances.

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* DayHurtsDarkAdjustedEyes

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