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History Recap / HawaiiFive0S04E02

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Directed by Creator/JoeDante

Written by Creator/JohnDove & Creator/NoahNelson

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'''Season 4, Episode 2''':
!! A'ale Ma'a Wau (Fish out of Water)
A Texas Ranger comes to Hawaii to search for his missing daughter; Kono and Adam fight to survive when their secret location is compromised.
* TheBigBoard: It got repaired after the {{Big Bad}}s [[Recap/HawaiiFive0S04E01 shot it up]].
* {{Bookends}}: The episode begins and ends with a little league baseball game. In the beginning, Grace misses the ball three times. At the end, she scores a home run.
* BigDamnKiss: With Steve and Catherine at the end of the episode.
* BluntMetaphorsTrauma: Danny attempts to make a chess metaphor, where the Queen must be defended. Steve corrects him, saying that the Queen is a fighting piece that must defend the King.
* ChekhovsGun: The Texas Ranger finds a jar of peanut butter. He later smears it on a mook to attract rats.
* CoolCar: Danny gets a replacement Chevy Camaro [[Recap/HawaiiFive0S04E01 after it got blown up]].
* [[IHaveYourWife I Have Your Daughter]]: Some thugs are holding Harper's daughter hostage.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: Kono shoots every Yakuza {{mook}} without wasting a bullet.
* PunkInTheTrunk: Harper stuffs the limo driver in his limo.
* StrangeCopInAStrangeLand: Texas Ranger Ray Harper in Hawaii.

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