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The series began with Kim's The Apprentice series, wherein she was learning the basics of Minecraft from other Yogscast members. Having been literally fired out of Sipsco, she found herself in Lalna's castle. While the apprenticeship begins rather normally (If one could consider blowing up Nano and half a castle courtyard normal), things quickly take a turn for the worse when Nano falls into Lalna's Flux Sphere, which somehow begins the tainting process on the poor girl. The series finally ends with Lalna's castle being overrun by Nagas (A carry over from the Christmas Livestream) and the two escaping with Lalna's Spaceship, which takes them to a new server and a new series.

With the new series Galacticraft, Lalna and Nano's goal was to reach the moon, with Nano's flux issue being more of a side note, not forgotten, but not important. Once this adventure was complete, after a long journey and the near loss of Tiddles II, the two set their sights on the new world and a new series, which was the first use of the duo's name; Flux Buddies.

Flux Buddies saw the true start of the series' plot; while it was mainly about the two looking at Minecraft mods and sharing banter together like previously, more began creeping in, such as Lalna's castle from the original Tekkit/Yogscast Complete Pack server appearing on the new server in a Flux biome, Nano's spreading Flux and the mysterious Mother, and the Hat Films trio giving them grief. Ultimately, the latter issue become the main driving force throughout the series, leading up to a full on war between both groups. However a familiar face from one of the main channel series began to sneak into the show...

With the world destroyed and a new modpack released, Flux Buddies 2.0 began, with Nano and Lalna finally deciding to take a look at the Flux that had been affecting Nano and Lalna, who had been long infected as well by this point. The main antagonistic force this time is Lalnable Hector, a mysterious mad scientist who looks exactly like Lalna, and later on, he [[spoiler:creates a clone of Nano called Specimen Five]] to assist him. After several brief encounters with the duo, Lalna and Nano finally come face to face with them, only to lose them again in the timestream, setting up for the next series of Flux Buddies.

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