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* ShoutOut: Sam and Coach really like Creator/RobertMitchum and Coach has ''Film/ThunderRoad'' committed to memory.


* ShoutOut: Sam and Coach really like Creator/RobertMitchum and Coach has ''Film/ThunderRoad'' ''Thunder Road'' committed to memory.

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Episode: Season 2, Episode 15\\
Title: And Coachie Makes Three\\
Directed by: James Burrows\\
Written by: Heide Perlman\\
Air Date: January 19, 1984\\
Previous: No Help Wanted\\
Next: Cliff's Rocky Moment\\
Guest Starring: Eve Roberts]

"And Coachie Makes Three" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of ''Series/{{Cheers}}''.

Sam and Diane go to Diane's apartment for a romantic evening. As Diane is changing into a nightie in the bedroom, Coach raps on the door of her apartment. It seems that Coach and Sam have a tradition of ''never'' missing a Creator/RobertMitchum movie on TV, and ''Film/ThunderRoad'' is playing that night. They turn the lights out to watch the movie, which sets up a shock for Diane when she plops down in Coach's lap instead of Sam's. They ask Coach to leave so they can enjoy a night of sex, but Diane and Sam feel guilty and call him back, and they watch ''Thunder Road'' together.

This proves to be a mistake. Soon Coach, a widower who lives alone, is tagging along with Sam and Diane all the time. In desperation, Sam and Diane set Coach up on a blind date with Elizabeth, a teller from Coach's bank that Coach likes.


* CannotTalkToWomen: In TheTeaser Cliff and Norm are shocked when two attractive women make eyes at them. Finally the two ladies suggest they go out somewhere else. All Cliff and Norm can do is grunt and stammer, literally unable to say a word until after the two women leave.
* PhraseCatcher: Norm in every episode of course, but lampshaded here. Norm actually beats Sam and Diane to the bar and is waiting for them on the steps. They all walk in together, but Norm won't actually come in and sit on his stool until Sam and Diane yell "NORM!".
* ShoutOut: Sam and Coach really like Creator/RobertMitchum and Coach has ''Film/ThunderRoad'' committed to memory.
* SlipIntoSomethingMoreComfortable: Diane actually says "I'm going to take care of something in the other room." This sets up the gag of Diane putting on her nightie while Sam and Coach sit down to watch the movie, only for Diane to come out and sit in Coach's lap.
* SpitTake: Carla says that when a customer really pisses her off, she spits in his beer. A nervous Norm, who argued with Carla earlier, switches his beer out with Cliff's. Norm is just starting to drink when Cliff turns and says "Carla, I'm sorry about this morning when I called you a sawed-off witch." Cue SpitTake from Norm.
* ThirdWheel: Coach cannot figure out that he is getting in the way of Sam and Diane's romance.

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