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History Recap / CastleS7E15Reckoning

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* EvilIsPetty: For once, this works in the heroes' favour; lost for leads, Castle goes to Tyson's former cellmate and accomplice Marcus Gates for leads, only able to offer Gates the 'promise' that Tyson will suffer as he and Gates both know that Castle can't arrange for him to receive any additional luxuries given his list of crimes.

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(Part 2) The 12th Precinct and Castle try to stop Nieman and Tyson from claiming Beckett as their next victim. While Tyson captures Castle too, Castle reveals that it was a ploy to draw Tyson into the open where Esposito kills him with a sniper rifle. Using his phone, they track Nieman only to find Beckett escaped and killed her. At the end, Castle's ban is lifted and he is reinstated as Beckett's consultant/partner at the precinct.


* BatmanGambit: Castle decides to allow 3XK to win in order to lure him out.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: Castle gets reinstated as Beckett's consultant and 3XK is finally killed.
* LaserGuidedKarma: After Castle makes one final taunt, 3XK gets shot by the unknown assailant which turns out to be Esposito.

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