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History Recap / BullS1E19BringItOn

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Directed by Creator/DouglasAarniokoski

Written by Creator/SimranBaidwan



\n** CharacterTics: The fiance tugged at her brow whenever she got tense. [[spoiler:It's a shared mental trait among siblings, which is how Bull is able to identify her brother.]]
* ConArtist: [[spoiler:The fiance, and her brother.]]
* MistakenForCheating: Cable's boyfriend turns out to have been sneaking away to play ''Titanfall'' with friends.

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'''Season 1, Episode 19'''
!! Bring It On

When the captain of a professional basketball cheerleading squad is killed, her fiancé, popular defense attorney Jules Caffrey (played by Creator/IsaiahWashington), is charged with her death. Bull's team is brought onto the case, and Bull suggests that Caffrey be his own defense attorney, but Caffrey's penchant for courtroom theatrics soon finds him at odds with Bull. Meanwhile, Cable gets suspicious of her new boyfriend.



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