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Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal\\
Written by: Eric Overmyer\\


Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal\\
Written by: Eric Overmyer\\Creator/EricOvermyer\\

Guest Starring: Paola Turbay, John Ales, Paul Calderon, Creator/ArnoldVosloo, John Getz]


Guest Starring: Paola Turbay, John Ales, Paul Calderon, Creator/PaolaTurbay, Creator/JohnAles, Creator/PaulCalderon, Creator/ArnoldVosloo, John Getz]

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* SparedByTheAdaptation: The Andrew Holland plot thread ends with the Taferos arrested, and thus sparing Jesse Tafero, who is killed in ''Literature/ADarknessMoreThanNight''.

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* CoincidentalBroadcast: Naturally, Dobbs hears the news about Edgar on the radio.

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Episode: Season 3, Episode 9\\
Title: "Clear Shot"\\
Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal\\
Written by: Eric Overmyer\\
Air Date: April 21, 2017\\
Previous: Aye Papi\\
Next: The Sea King\\
Guest Starring: Paola Turbay, John Ales, Paul Calderon, Creator/ArnoldVosloo, John Getz]

"Clear Shot" is the 9th episode of the third season of ''Series/{{Bosch}}''.

A horde of police arrive to rescue Jerry Edgar from his driveway. They scout the hill across the way and find the spot where the sniper likely took his shot. A tight-lipped Irving tells Bosch and Billets that Jerry will likely live.

Rudy Tafero has been stewing in the interview room since before Edgar got shot. Robertson, the only detective left in the squad room, says that he's free to go, but oh by the way they have a video of his brother breaking into Gunn's room to murder him.

Out on his boat, Dobbs curses out loud when he hears the news on the radio about Jerry Edgar getting shot.

At the hospital Irving tells Harry that Edgar's shoulder blade is being reassembled with plates and pins, and that he may regain use of the arm in six months. Back at Hollywood station, Bosch and Robertson show Rudy Tafero the video, complete with the shot of Jesse Tafero's face.

Irving meets with Bradley Walker of the police commission again. He tells Walker that he's changed his mind and will take the chief of police job permanently. Walker is delighted.

Bosch and Robertson, along with assistant DA Benitez, rejoin Rudy Tafero in the interview room. Tafero confesses all to save his brother, describing how he helped Holland dispose of the body of the actress he killed, and how Holland himself came up with the frame job of Bosch. Holland even drew storyboards describing how he wanted the scene to look--highly incriminating storyboards that Tafero still has.

After the meeting, Anita Benitez semi-apologizes and suggests they can still be friends, but Harry blows her off.

Rudy arrives at Holland's house, with the storyboards. He's wearing a wire, and he gets Holland to admit to everything, both the murder of Donatella Spear and the conspiracy to kill Gunn. After he leaves and gives the recording to the cops in the van outside, Bosch, Pierce, and Robertson go back in and arrest Holland for Gunn's murder.

At Hollywood station, Bosch is met by the arson investigators from the retirement home fire. They tell him that the fire started in Det. Caffrey's bed and that he apparently was the target of arson.

Dobbs and Moreno talk on the phone. Dobbs, who knows from a GPS tracker that Moreno is still in LA, tells Xavi that he'll be going out to the Channel Islands to get Woody's share of the money and that he'll send Xavi's half. As Dobbs is leaving the next day, Xavi shows up on the boat. Xavi hides the knife used to kill Sharkey under a seat cushion. On the way to the island, Dobbs kills Xavi, ties his body to an anchor, and heaves him overboard.


* AsHerself: The second brief cameo of real-life LAPD detective Mitzi Roberts as herself.
* BondOneLiner: Dobbs fakes engine trouble and goes down below. Moreno says "Is everything OK?" Dobbs comes up from below, says "Yeah," and then shoots Xavi twice through the head. Then he says "A-OK."
* HangoverSensitivity: Crate arrives at work wincing from a hangover. It seems that he and Barrel and the Mexican police had quite the party after seizing $2 million from Moreno's yacht.
* NoHonorAmongThieves: Just one episode after they said ItHasBeenAnHonor! When Xavi arrives at the boat he and Dobbs are obviously determined to kill each other. Dobbs beats Xavi to the punch.
* OhCrap: A satisfying moment of shock from smarmy prick Andrew Holland as the cops come in to arrest him.
* OnePhoneCall: Lampshaded by Bosch when he taunts Rudy Tafero with "You want your phone call?"
* RuleOfDrama: DiscussedTrope. When Bosch asks why they didn't simply strangle Gunn to death, Tafero says that all the theatrical touches--the owl, the Latin quote, dropping Gunn on his head--were demanded by Andrew Holland the film director.
* TitleDrop: Irving notes that the man on the hill had a clear shot to Edgar's driveway.
* VerbalIrony: Andrew Holland blathers about how not only will the charges be dropped, the whole thing will be great for his career. This while Rudy Tafero's wire is recording his confession.
* WeddingRingRemoval: After nearly doing it in the previous episode, Irvin Irving finally takes off his wedding ring, as he leaves for a date with Jun Park.

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