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History Recap / Bionicle2015

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Here's a recap of the Toa's adventures in Okoto.



*[[{{Recap/Bionicle2015TheLegend}} Episode 00: The Legend]]
*[[{{Recap/Bionicle2015ProphecyOfHeroes}} Episode 01: Prophecy of Heroes]]
*[[{{Recap/Bionicle2015TheArrival}} Episode 02: The Arrival]]
*[[{{Recap/Bionicle2015QuestForTheGoldenMasks}} Episode 03: Quest for the Golden Masks]]
*[[{{Recap/Bionicle2015TheProtectorsFightBack}} Episode 04: The Protectors Fight Back]]
*[[{{Recap/Bionicle2015ThePowerOfTheGoldenMasks}} Episode 05: The Power of the Golden Masks]]



Coming soon!


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