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--> ''"We can build a weapon that mimics the furnace of our sun and the winds of Neptune, but canít predict the weather more than a few minutes ahead of time."''
-->-- '''Michael Stevens''', ''WebVideo/{{Vsauce}}'', "[[ Cruel Bombs]]"

--> '''Tom Tucker:''' Welcome back to Quahog Five News, and now here is Ollie Williams with the [=BlaccuWeather=] forecast. Ollie?"
--> '''Ollie:''' ITS GONNA RAIN!!
--> '''Tom:''' Thanks, Ollie.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', "Recap/FamilyGuyS3E9MrSaturdayKnight"

--> '''Tom Tucker:''' In local news, we have more on the approach of Hurricane [=RuPaul=], which is working his or her way up the coast. Let's go live to Ollie Williams with the [=BlaccuWeather=] report. Ollie?
--> '''Ollie Williams:''' IT'S RAININ' SIDEWAYS!!
--> '''Tom:''' Sounds rough, Ollie. Did you bring your umbrella with you?
--> '''Ollie:''' HAD ONE!
--> '''Tom:''' Where is it now?
--> '''Ollie:''' INSIDE OUT TWO MILES AWAY!!!
--> '''Tom:''' Anything we can do for you?
--> '''Ollie:''' BRING ME SOME SOUP!!
--> '''Tom:''' What kind?
--> '''Ollie:''' CHUNKY!!!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', "Recap/FamilyGuyS4E12PerfectCastaway"


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