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History Quotes / TheOfficialUnofficialOuendanEBAFormspringRP

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->'''[=SurfaceSoldier=]''': So a father is like a really close personal mentor? I can see why people would care about and rely on them...
->'''[=MomotaroKun=]''': Probably. It doesn't matter if you're related or not, as long as you both care about each other a lot.
---->...gosh I've been rhyming a lot lately. ._.;

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->'''[=SaionjiHayato=]''': I think you should tell Haji you like him.
->'''[=PinkSparklesAoi=]''': Who said I like Haji? Did I say that? I didn't say that. ////
->'''[=SaionjiHayato=]''': Huh.... I thought you told me last night. Weird. Maybe it was just Shinta and I got you two mixed up. That happens a lot. Pink and brown look the same in the dark, you know.
->'''[=PinkSparklesAoi=]''': I know! Blondes and Liars are hard to tell apart too!

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