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History Quotes / RabbitOfSeville

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-->'''Bugs''': ''How do?''
-->''Welcome to my shop.''
-->''Lemme cut yer mop,''
-->''Lemme shave yer crop,''
-->''Daintily, daintily.''

-->''Hey, you!''
-->''Don't look so perplexed.''
-->''Why must you be vexed?''
-->''Can't you see yer next?''
-->''Yes, yer next.''
-->''You're so next.''

-->''How about a nice close shave?''
-->''Teach yer whiskers to behave.''
-->''Lots o' lather, lots o' soap.''
-->''Please hold still. Don't be a dope.''
-->''Now we're ready for da scrapin',''
-->''Dere's no use to try escapin',''
-->''Yell an' scream an' rant an' rave.''
-->''It's no use you need a shave...''

-->'''Elmer''': Ooch! Ouch! Ouch! Ooh! Ouch! Ooh! Ooh! Ouch!

-->'''Bugs''': ''Dere.''
-->''Yer nice and clean,''
-->''Aldough yer face looks like it might have gone tru a ma-chine.''

-->'''Elmer''': ''Ohhhhhhhh, wait'll I get that waaaaaaaaaabbit!''
-->'''Bugs''': ''Whaaaaaaaat would you want wid a waaaaaaaaaabbit?''
-->''Can't you see dat I'm much sweeter?''
-->''I'm your little señoriter.''
-->''You are my type of guy.''
-->''Lemme straighten yer tie''
-->''And I shall dance fer you.''

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