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'''Major Do''': That's the spirit, Obeur!


'''Major Do''': That's the spirit, Obeur!Obeur!

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->''Eat the Octopus Flail of Paralysis +4 and [[DoomyDoomsOfDoom Doooooooooo~ooooooooom]]!''
-->-- '''Ivy'''

->'''Inspector Zilicaet''': So... we're on a sky island. \\
'''Major Do''': Yep. \\
'''Inspector Zilicaet''': And it's elevated itself up into the cloud layers. \\
'''Major Do''': Yep. \\
'''Inspector Zilicaet''': And so we're stuck in here, with everything that lives here trying to kill us. \\
'''Major Do''': Yep. \\
'''Inspector Zilicaet''': And we don't have enough fuel to try to escape Australia when we emerge from the top of the clouds, so we have no choice but to ride it back down, so we have to do it all again. \\
'''Major Do''': Yep. \\
'''Inspector Zilicaet''': And even when we do, there's no guarantee we can escape the storm it'll cause. \\
'''Major Do''': Well...yep. \\
'''Inspector Zilicaet''': ...Fuck it. Give me a gun, Major. Since I'm doomed anyway, I might as well take as much of the environment with me as I go. \\
'''Major Do''': That's the spirit, Obeur!

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