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History Quotes / GodsAngelsAndKings

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Quotes taken from ''Fanfic/GodsAngelsAndKings'':


->''The VTOL was held aloft in the air by a pair of massive clawed hands. Tainted saltwater dripped from its scaly skin, drizzling onto him and Misato. Their unexpected rescuer deposited the VTOL on the street beside them with surprising care, then stepped between them and the bizarre creature. It was tall, standing heads and shoulders over the tallest buildings around, and clad in charcoal-grey scales that seemed to smolder like a dying fire. Three rows of bone-white spines the shape of maple leaves ran down its back, going from the base of its neck to the tip of its crocodilian tail. For the briefest of seconds, he managed to catch a glimpse of its eyes, burning like the heart of a furnace and contorted with an expression that crossed the barriers between man and beast.''\\
''"Oh God," Misato whispered at Shinji's side, her eyes as wide as saucers. "He's back."''\\
''Godzilla, King of the Monsters, had returned.''


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