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->Nay! Your chrome-plated chariot does not frighten me! Now you shall know of the power of Nightflame! And of my flame-sword!
-->-- '''Nightflame''' (feeling unusually verbose)

->'''Linda:''' Perhaps you're right! Nasty is a rather good news photographer! (thinking) Though I hate to admit it!\\
'''Nasty:''' Rather good? Compared to you, I'm the whole Galaxy Broadcasting Service News staff rolled into one person!\\
'''Linda:''' Come off it, big mouth! I'm nearly as good a photog as you!\\
'''Nasty:''' Perhaps! But nobody really knows, since you're never around when a big story breaks!

->'''Linda:''' That lousy Nasty! She's out to get me fired! That rotten, under-handed stupid w... I'd like punch... (punching a wall) OOOPS!\\
'''Voices:''' What was '''THAT?''' Sounded like a plane crashing into the building!\\
'''Linda:''' Uh-oh.

->This is Innerverse! It exists upon one of the atoms that make up your own brain! It is a world of sorcery! A dying world... dying because your goodness is eating away at the evil this microcosm is composed of!
-->-- '''Nightflame'''

->Peer into your soul, Supergirl, and see what you have never faced... your own evil!
-->-- '''Nightflame'''

->By relating to someone, being close, joined... that is what destroyed that part of me what wanted... me to die! I must find out who it was who saved me from myself -- who taught me how to live...
-->-- '''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'''


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