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-> ''“I can’t stay here any longer if it means that my own mother will have a target on her back. If these ‘people’ are coming to kill me I rather if they kill me alone.”''
-->--'''Sapphire to Blair'''


-> ''“I swore to never get close to another demon ever again. That hanged woman, Nadia Edwards, had nothing to with all this. I might’ve had a purer heart than all the other archdemons, but I still have their blood. All this tragedy will never cease with me around.”''
-->--'''Sapphire to Eden'''


-> ''“The body who I am possessing belongs to no one other than Kazuki Akai, a human from a world paralleling yours. Along with being from another world, this body is from another universe. Specifically, the universe where Rouge died in the mansion along with her father.”''
-->--'''Cerberus to Eden'''


-> ''“Welcome! The name’s Requiem second-generation head of the Viscera Purgers. I assume you’ve come for my head, yes?”''
-->--'''Requiem to Eden'''

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