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* '''Exaggerated''': ''Daytime Yak'' is a PointAndLaughShow.


* '''Exaggerated''': '''Exaggerated''':
''Daytime Yak'' is a PointAndLaughShow.

* '''Conversed''': ???


* '''Conversed''': ???
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'''Basic Trope''': A show hosted by a person or group, in which guests are invited for interviews and discussions.

*'''Straight''': ''Daytime Yak'' consists of the hosts AliceAndBob inviting celebrities and others to discuss whatever that day's topic is. Sometimes, there are giveaways for audience members.
*'''Exaggerated''': ''Daytime Yak'' is a PointAndLaughShow.
** ''Daytime Yak'' consists of nothing but TalkingHeads.
** Anyone can call in, or get up on the stage, sort of like open-mic night.
*'''Downplayed''': ''Daytime Yak'' is more like a VarietyShow.
*'''Justified''': ???
*'''Inverted''': ''Daytime Yak'' is a scripted drama.
*'''Subverted''': ''Daytime Yak'' is scripted.
*'''Double Subverted''': But only partially.
*'''Parodied''': ???
*'''Zig Zagged''': ???
*'''Averted''': Little to no discussion of any topics takes place on ''[[NonindicativeName Daytime Yak]]''
*'''Enforced''': "We need something that doesn't cost a lot to produce, to fill our daytime TV blocks."
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