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* '''Parodied''': ???


* '''Parodied''': ???IntentionalEngrishForFunny

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'''Basic Trope''': The broken, mangled English of non-native speakers.
*'''Straight''': Bob's native language is non-English, and him speaking it (or attempting to) will ultimatly butcher the language.
*'''Exaggerated''': Bob's Engrish is so bad, both the Japanese '''and''' English-speaking people need subtitles for him.
*'''Downplayed''': Bob still [[JapaneseRanguage mixes his "L"s and "R"s]], but otherwise has good English.
*'''Justified''': Bob speaks another language, but wants to learn the language, with [[SurprisinglyGoodEnglish a]] [[MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels range]] [[YouNoTakeCandle of]] [[TranslationTrainWreck results]].
*'''Inverted''': Bob speaks English, but is trying to speak in another language.
*'''Subveted''': Bob speaks Japanese, but also [[SurprisinglyGoodEnglish speaks English just as well]].
*'''Double Subverted''': ...but hasn't spoken English in a while, and is rusty.
*'''Parodied''': ???
*'''Zig-Zagged''': ???
*'''Averted''': Bob speaks no English whatsoever, or simply refuses to learn.
*'''Enforced''': "Alright, class! Today is the first day of English. Bob, try to say something in English."
*'''Lampshaded''': "Man, your English sucks, Bob."
*'''Invoked''': ???
*'''Defied''': Bob refuses to speak English until he learns the proper grammar.
*'''Discussed''': Alice: "Hey, Bob's English isn't that good. Think we should help him?" Carol: "Nah, his Engrish is hillarious!"
*'''Conversed''': ???

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