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* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: During Condition Green Multiball, green lighting is utilized around the playfield.
* MatchSequence: The upper half of the display shows a number moving back and forth. This number decomposes on the left side and reforms the final number on the right.
* ProgressiveJackpot: The Rescue Jackpot, which starts at 200,000 and increases by 10,000 for each multiball that ends without re-docking.
* SpaceIsNoisy: The game includes computer sounds, beeps, and explosions, as well as a soundtrack during play.

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* SpectacularSpinning: The rotating station at the upper left corner of the playfield.

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->'''Mission Control:''' "We have ignition."

''Space Station'' is a {{Physical Pinball Table|s}} released by Creator/WilliamsElectronics in 1987. It was designed by Creator/BarryOursler, with artwork by Tim Elliott, sounds by Brian Schmidt, and software by Creator/EdBoon.

''Space Station'' is widely considered to be an unofficial sequel to ''Pinball/SpaceShuttle''. It features a second set of "STATION" spot targets that scores its own independently-cycling value and builds upon the Stop-N-Score feature. ''Station'' also features a mini upper playfield above the pop bumpers and a rotating space station toy used to direct balls towards the locks on either side of the playfield.

A digital version of ''Space Station'' is featured on [[VideoGame/ZenPinball Pinball FX3]] as part of ''Volume 6''.

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* AlliterativeTitle
* AntiFrustrationFeatures: A kickback is available at the left outlane.
* {{Cap}}: Bonus multipliers at 7X and "Stop N Score" multipliers at 5X.
* SpaceStation: Obviously.
* SpellingBonus:
** The SHUTTLE and STATION targets award whatever is lit at the center of the playfield.
** U-S-A advances the "Stop N Score" multiplier, and can light a Special at 4X.
** 1-2-3 on the upper playfield increases the bumper value and relights docks during single-ball play.
* TimedMission: The "Stop N Score" feature. Averted during multiball, where there is no time limit for re-docking for the Rescue Jackpot.

->'''Mission Control:''' "Mission accomplished."

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