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So much creativity in one world often breeds the most deceased minds. What lurks in the darkness in which the depraved languish?
* The Underverse in general. Aside from essentially housing OmnicidalManiac Diablo, it is also home to some of the most powerful secondaries inside the Omniverse (to put it into perspective, these guys are essentially BossesInMookClothing. Most Non-Underverse secondaries tend to be far less powerful than Primes.) There's a reason banishment is considered by many to be among the worst punishments you can give to a Prime thanks to it being more or less a giant hell, where Primes are subject to constant, eternal torture, where their only way out is to make a DealWithTheDevil. [[PowerAtAPrice Did we mention that your immortality doesn't go away either, making eternal torture a very real possibility?]]
* Millie 'Leviathan' Deberzi's entire origin story is equal parts MindRape and BodyHorror. Aside from the trippy-as-fuck mental battle between Behemoth and the Thrall-Mind, the resulting character is unbelievably uncanny if you notice certain worrying details.
* The Spaceman saga... just the Spaceman Saga. In a drugged up stuper, he [[spoiler: causes a band of brigands to massacre a small town, gets a rebel caught by the empire which in turn dooms the rebel's mother as well, melts a goron in lava, and cannibalizes a human corpse.]]
* Basically anything happening to Violet in the Underverse.
* In the "Waiting for Pirate Man" thread, one of the Berry Blitzkrieg officers [[spoiler: rigged an orc baby to explode and used it as a surprise attack, killing two of Desco's prinnies.]]
* Doomguy challenges Omni in "Sweet Little Space Marine." It goes how you expect it to. Then the usually chirpy Omni delivers this line...
-->'''Omni:''' Make me exert myself further and you'll regret it.

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