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[[caption-width-right:350: "Your trip ends here!"]]

* The ([[MeaningfulName aptly named]]) "[[IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace Cave of Bad Dreams]]" is spooky enough to begin with. You eventually have to escape Jano, a legless, one-eyed monster that intends to eat you. This is done by sliding down an obstacle filled course while the camera is ''[[MouthCam framed by the monster's drooling teeth following you]]'' (photo).
** The dark holes with nothing but glowing eyes and a spindly hand reaching out for Rayman in said level. If he gets caught, you get to watch him be slowly strangled and pulled into the hole to die.
** Oh, and... that "Mini-Jano" you encounter halfway through the level and in The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire? [[EatenAlive He will eat you alive if you get too close]], respawning you at the last checkpoint.
* The giant spider you face at the beginning of the Canopy level has no doubt scared some players. [[PsychoStrings The music]] that [[ accompanies that part of the level]] doesn't help matters, either.
* The Zombie Chickens.
* Piranhas that look much more creepy than in the first game. Most of their body is a huge mouth, studded with long and sharp teeth. Their design is a bit like the langoliers from the novel of the same name by Stephen king.
* The way Foutch sneaks up on Rayman and slugs him so forcefully he ''loses'' one of his "permanent" powers: flying. Yes, he hits Rayman so hard that ''Rayman forgets how to/is unable to fly!'' Damn.
-->'''Rayman''': (''as he's sent falling'') [[OhCrap I can't fly anymore!]]
* Eig in the Dreamcast and [=PS2=] versions, a horrific monster that appears in the Marshes of Awakening, but only makes a split second appearance. Way later, in the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, he appears out of the water next to a secluded log. If Rayman approaches him, he'll eat him alive.
* The giant mechanical dinosaur that guards the Iron Mountains is [[ImpossiblyGracefulGiant surprisingly fast for its size,]] something most players find out as they speed away from it on their walking shells, only to get trampled and killed instantly.
* The music in the Tomb of the Ancients -- especially the PsychoStrings bits -- is creepy on both the N64 and Dreamcast versions, but the Dreamcast version is just unnerving.

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