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* "Sign of the Dragon":
** At one point, an associate of the team manages to locate a hideout where Dracula and his minions are holed up. After sending Reed the coordinates, he gets spotted by two of Dracula's brides. The scene cutting to black as a brunette bride closes in on him and you just hear this... squelching sound. When the team reaches the location, said associate is naturally to revealed to have been turned into a vampire and promptly attacks the group in a trap.
** When Luke is being held prisoner within Dracula's dwelling, Renfield comes in to inform the vampires the sun is set. One casket opens revealing a red-headed woman resting in it, looking normal before she promptly awakes revealing a pretty prompt NightmareFace.

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* "The Return of the Creature from the Black Lagoon": The build-up to the Gill-man's appearance is surprisingly tense and dread-filled; the Creature itself is nigh-invulnerable, tanking nearly everything that the team throws at it, and it's the first villain with a confirmed body count, as it's all but stated to have killed the two researchers that it attacked at the beginning of the episode.
--> '''Toru:''' The Creature has lurked out there for twice 10,000 years. Some say it sank Kandara. Some say it came afterwards.
--> '''Luke:''' Have you ever seen it, the Creature?
--> '''Toru:''' No, my father did. He and five other warriors went out there to end the curse. Only my father came home. He spent his last days sitting there, staring into the fire. He never told us what he saw or what happened to the other men, because he never spoke again. No one goes near Kandara. Not if they want to live.
* "Dark Deception": Reed can only listen in rapidly mounting despair to the sounds of his teammates seemingly being killed over their comm links. When Dracula (who had ingratiated himself with the Monster Force by disguising himself as the famed vampire hunter Abraham Stoker) reveals that they are all still alive, the relief is short-lived, as the Count declares that he is going to make Reed watch as he turns them into vampire slaves whose first meal will be Reed. When asked why he has gone to such lengths to terrorize Reed, Dracula sneers, "I wanted you to suffer."
* "Dark City": The eponymous entity is an EldritchAbomination that manifests every century for twenty-four hours in a completely random part of the planet. While it appears normal on the surface, its residents all suffer from a serious case of UncannyValley, and once it shows its true nature, they turn into horrific monsters as the city itself transforms into a shifting maze whose buildings and other monuments become distinctly biological-looking. It feeds on the life force of those it psychically lures into it, and partway into the episode we're shown the trashed bicycles of the unfortunate lost hikers who had entered it at the beginning of the story.
--> '''Shelly''' (enthralled by the City): Reed, I'm picking up sensations. They're strong. Very... it's speaking to me, Reed. You should see it. It's... beautiful. It wants us to stay here and enjoy it forever. It's calling to the people in the villages for miles around. It wants us all.
* "The Rage of Frankenstein's Bride": Doctor [=DuKane=] subjects the Bride to torturous experiments, including cutting off one of her arms, which we're shown footage of twitching and writhing as [=DuKane=] coldly narrates his plans to vivisect her.


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