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[[caption-width-right:350:Kira... the face of nightmares!]]

Much like ''Anime/MetalFightBeyblade'', even if it's a MerchandiseDriven show it can still show some truly nightmare-ish images that may not just be scary for kids...

** Eight getting brutally beaten by Yoshio. The fact that a young child like Eight gets both his bey and himself beaten badly by a ''much'' bigger and older guy doesn't help either.
** '''Kira'''. His grotesque facial expressions and his sadism is enough to terrify viewers.
** Doji's return as a ghostly form after being revived by Merci is pretty terrifying
*** What makes this so much more terrifying is that Doji is physically dead but had his spirit and data converted from his deceased body, now as a hologram. He goes on to a rant about how he can no longer experience any satisfaction from his favourite things like his favourite orange juice and cactus needles which is quite chilling.
** The whole DNA headquarters collapsing after Doji jumps to his death in hopes of bringing everyone to the same fate as him, which is pretty dark even for the ''Metal Saga''. It's not only the fact Doji stays dead this time, it's the fact that he ''chooses'' to '''''COMMIT SUICIDE''''' all because he wants to have the [[DieLaughing last laugh]] against his long-time foes.

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