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[[caption-width-right:350:(L-R) Jungmo, Heechul]]

'''M&D''' (which [[FunWithAcronyms primarily means]] Miari & Dangyedong and Midnight & Dawn), also known as '''Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo''', is a [[KoreanPopMusic South Korean]] [[{{Pop}} pop]] [[RockAndRoll rock]] [[ThoseTwoGuys duo]] formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011. The duo is composed of Heechul from Music/SuperJunior and Kim Jungmo of [[Music/{{Trax}} TraxX]].
The group is known for their unique style of music, different from the groups they are a part of. They plan to continuously release music which they can and want to do, regardless of the genre. To achieve this style, Jungmo composes and arranges their tracks (and also plays ''all'' the instruments needed in the song) while Heechul writes the lyrics and directs their music videos.
* [[Music/SuperJunior Heechul]] (Kim Heechul, born July 10, 1983) – Main Vocalist, Writer, Director
* [[Music/{{Trax}} Jungmo]] (Kim Jungmo, born March 26, 1985) – Instrumentalist (primarily Guitarist), Backup Vocalist, Composer, Arranger
'''Mini Albums'''
* Cottage Industry (2015)
* Goody Bag (2016)
* Close Your Mouth (2011)
* Narcissus feat. [[Music/{{Mamamoo}} Wheein]] (2016)
!M&D provides examples of the following tropes:
* AnimatedMusicVideo: They haven’t made one yet, but Heechul and Jungmo have their own animated character counterparts.
* TheCameo:
** ''Close Your Mouth'' stars Heechul’s friends [[Music/FTIsland Jonghun, Hongki]], Simon D, [[Music/MissA Jia]], [[Music/B2ST Junhyung]] and Kim Kyungjin.
** ''I Wish'' has [[Music/{{GFRIEND}} Yerin]] as the leading lady. Lee Jinho, Cho Jaegeol, Gun Hee, and Jang Dongmin are featured in the music video. Heechul is also seen playing [[RhythmGame SUPERSTAR SMTOWN]].
** ''Narcissus'' features [[Music/{{Mamamoo}} Wheein’s]] vocals and model Kim Jinkyung as the leading lady.
** ''Ulsanbawi'' has [[Music/{{IOI}} Chaeyeon]] as the leading lady.
* ConcertKiss: It happened back in 2009, before they debuted as a duo. It became a scandal, and Jungmo had to talk about it on TV to clear issues.
--> '''Jungmo:''' Heechul-hyung likes [[MistakenForGay that kind]] of that performance.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Their first teaser images feature {{Animesque}} versions of Heechul and Jungmo, all done in black and white.
* FanBoy: Heechul for Chaeyeon in ''Ulsanbawi''.
* FunWithAcronyms: Heechul defines M&D with a lot of different meanings.
** The “main” ones are “'''M'''iari & '''D'''ankyedong” (Jungmo’s hometown is in Miari, Seoul, while Heechul lived in Dankyedong) and “'''M'''idnight & '''D'''awn”.
** Other meanings include “'''M'''o & '''D'''o” (“Hit or Miss” in Korean), and “'''M'''ichinnom & '''D'''eolmichinnom” (“Crazy Guy and Less Crazy Guy” in Korean)
* MeaningfulName:
** ''Cottage Industry'' is a term used to for a business or manufacturing activity carried on in a person's home.
** The six songs in the album ''Goody Bag'' all have different genres, and is marketed as an album that can be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.
** ''Ulsanbawi'' is a rock formation in the Seoraksan national park found in Heechul’s hometown of Gangwondo, and is considered one of the province’s landmarks. Heechul mentions in Series/KnowingBrothers that he wanted to make a song that referenced Gangwondo.
* OverlyLongName: Jungmo is named as the “Vagrant Bum Nationwide Best Singer” in ''Ulsanbawi''.
* ShipTease: The two are often subject to this as they’re ''very'' close, not to mention the above mentioned ConcertKiss. Though this is common in the KoreanPopMusic industry, as a way to attract the YaoiFangirls.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Even before their debut as a duo, they were already known to be close friends.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: During ''Cottage Industry'' promotions, Jungmo had pink hair.

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